Early reports coming out of Nigeria indicates that there is massive ballot papers scarcity in Nigeria especially in opposition areas as Presidential elections took off today amidst heavy delays in many states of the Nigerian federation.

Saharareporters can also report that voters fraud and ballot stuffing are actively taking place in several places across the country, reports from Osun State shows that the ruling PDP is openly using the help of electoral officials to thumb print ballot papers for the ruling party PDP.
 As earlier reported by Saharareporters, the outcome of the lection was already decided in favor of Umar Yar'adua, President Obasanjo's handpicked candidate for the ruling party. If the results of a document obtained by our investigators comes true , Umar Yar'adua will win the elections by about 60% of the votes cast in todays elections still under way.

received reports that INEC was only able to print 10 million ballot papers for the presidential elections, this was rationed across the nation between 62 million voters.
JIGAWA: Violence trails elections.

KATISNA: Home state of Yar'adua and Buhari, both presidential candidates reports violence in which four people have been killed.

SOKOTO: Voting closes without most residents able to vote in the rural areas due to election logistical hiccups.
ENUGU: Voting commenced two hours before close of voting time announced by INEC.

NASSARAWA: Transition monitoring group arrested by police. Six police officers feared killed in an attack by party militants.

LAGOS: No ballot papers available for Lagos West and Lagos Central Senatorial districts,voting for two senatorial slots now canceled in Lagos, also in some of the areas there are no ballot papers available for house of representatives candidates or senatorial candidates.

EKITI: Rigging in Ekiti proceeds at the palace of Onikole of Ikole. Soldiers and Police assist in election rigging across the state.
PDP leaders are moving around with heavily armed policemen to intimidate voters, there is shortage of ballot papers. In places where there are 500 registered voters, only about 100 ballot papers are available.

BAYELSA: Militants have voluntarily withdrawn into the creeks after heavy fighting in Yenegoa forced the governor to abandon the government house and seek refugee in the creeks, Governor Goodluck Jonathan, who is also the Vice Presidential candidate to PDP's Yar'adua is said to be safe. The militants attacked the government house as words got to them that the governor was involved in voter fraud in the government house.

OSUN: Open rigging of votes in progress!

RIVERS: Election materials not available in polling booths it is believed that they have already been distributed to individual home since last night. Rivers is one of the state chosen for heavy rigging by the ruling party.

ABUJA: INEC officials, in a desperate attempt to win public sympathy, decided to "bomb" headquarters with a truck load of gas cylinders driven to the headquarters in full glare of security agents manning the place. The truck and the "bombs" in it did not detonate. Police say they are "investigating" the incident.

KADUNA: As of 1:00 pm no noticeable electoral activity in Zaria.

ANAMBRA: No voting or electoral activities took place as of 1:45 PM local time. Opposition groups suspect that INEC and PDP loyalists have perfected rigging in the state. All INEC voting  materials and officials are holed up at the state headquarters of INEC in Awka.

IMO: No voting is going on anywhere in IMO state as of 1:40 PM according to our reporters. A plane carrying electoral materials crashed near IMo airport yesterday and three INEC officials died on the spot, however, INEC chair, Maurice Iwu said there was not electoral material of "significance" in the crash.

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