Dear Mr Sowore,

Again, you publish false reports against me without even attempting to get your facts right as you have all my contacts.

You are wrong. I do not do anyone's bidding: I have never, will never collect funds from James Ibori or anyone for that matter to influence, covertly or overtly, publications in any media. Throughout the eight years Ibori was governor, I never participated in or secured any contracts from Ibori or his government beyond the normal placement of advertisements in THISDAY newspapers which is a right of all.

Aside from being a proud citizen of Delta origin and a friend of the former governor, am not a financial beneficiary of his government, and have never been. And their is no journalist who can say I tried to influence him/her one way or the other to publish any stories on Ibori. If you have any shred of evidence, bring it on!

And you are again wrong when you repeat your lies in SAHARA REPORTS  that I collected N3.2billion to assist Presidenrt Yar'Adua for his elections in the media. As I said before and I repeat now, I have never collected any funds from Yar'Adua or the PDP for any matter whatsoever, howsoever.

AND I have never spoken to any journalist to influence publications,one way or the other, on PDP, Yar'Adua or any political party. If you have any shred of evidence, bring it  on!

When you  consistently  and maliciously publish falsehood against me, you leave me with no option than to seek legal redress. I had reconsidered this line of action because I felt (that despite of the defamation), you were a young man whose journalism should not be silenced given my own career starting up a major newsmagazine with 300 staff members at age 26 against all odds.

But when you continue to fabricate stories against me and now expand your lies to THISDAY operations in South Africa we will take every legal step to protect ourselves as I am not, and have never been wanted, "sought" or even questioned by SA authorities. AND for what??? 

For legimately investing in their country and creating jobs? The last time I was in SA I was  a guest of, and had a meeting with President Thabo Mbeki in Cape Town last year. That certainly is not a privilege given to fugitives from the law.

Futhermore, THISDAY does not owe any pensions to any staff or authorities in SA as we reached settlement with all when we elected, on our own, to suspend the publication following an unfavourable business climate in 2004. We owe no banks in SA or your so called "15 investors" which may exist only in your imagination.

Your cocktail of lies and falsehood will not stand. You are advised to retract them immediately. You earn respect by truthful, courageous journalism, not by lies and fabrications as we have been consistently commended by EFCC for standing up on the side of truth and probity. 

When EFCC is wrong, we say so and when they do well we commend them so what's our business intervening for or against EFCC through your imaginary "close-knit" Kitchen cabinet?

Finally, it's a matter of public record that since 1995, staff of THISDAY have been invited by government's at all levels and across political parties to hold public appointments. This will not be the first or last. We believe journalist have a role in public service and will continue to release our journalists for service, whether you like it or not.

And you know what? It's a vote of major confidence in our robust journalism that governments at all levels continue to look to us for critical technocrats in the service of Nigeria.

Many thanks,

Nduka Obaigbena

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