EHRC, an independent oil and gas company, today announced the resignation of Sir Emeka Offor from his positions as non-executive director and chairman of the Company's board of directors to concentrate on his diverse business interests. The ERHC board accepted his resignation and has begun the process of identifying a successor.

 "I remain committed to ERHC and my investment therein, and want to assure you all that I will continue to support the Company in any way I can," Offor said in a letter to the board.

 Sir Emeka Offor has been on the board of ERHC since 2001, when a company he controls acquired a controlling interest in ERHC. He has served as a non-executive director and chairman during a period of important accomplishments.

 "ERHC is very grateful to Sir Emeka Offor for his years of visionary leadership," said Acting Chief Executive Officer Nicolae Luca. "Today, ERHC holds valuable assets in what was once an undeveloped oil region of the world, in large part due to the hard work of Sir Emeka Offor, and we pledge to continue to build upon that legacy."

 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of ERHC Energy's exclusive joint venture with the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & Principe. ERHC sought that agreement because it identified the possibility of significant offshore oil reserves years before others and was willing to undertake the hard work necessary to realize the value of these assets.

 ERHC holds assets in the Joint Development Zone (JDZ) between Sao Tome & Principe and Nigeria, and in Sao Tome's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The Company has signed participation agreements with subsidiaries of Addax Petroleum Inc. and Sinopec Corp., which have announced plans to begin exploration in JDZ Blocks 2 and 4 as early as the third quarter of 2008.

Additionally, ERHC continues to pursue other potential oil and gas acquisitions, where feasible.

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