Saharareporters earlier reported that the Attorney General of the Nigerian Federation, Michael Aondoakaa sent a letter dated August 7th 2007 to Chief James Onafefe Ibori's lawyers in London with the sole aim of sabotaging money laundering investigations against Ibori and his accomplices*.

The letter which was exclusively obtained by Saharareporters speaks for itself; in it the AGF sought to exonerate Chief James Onafefe Ibori from charges of money laundering and corruption by claiming that he was only investigated while in office, but had never been charged to court or currently face further investigations.

It was a cleverly crafted letter that provided James Ibori's lawyers the needed ammunition to get a restraining order earlier granted by the Southwark Crown court in London to be lifted on October 1, 2007. The AGF secretly wrote a reply to an inquiry from Ibori's lawyers without recourse to the EFCC or any other security agency of the government.

Meanwhile when the London Metropolitan Police tried to contact him for help, the AGF dribbled them around and delayed any timely response that could help their case against James Ibori. The result is an exposure of the hypocrisy of the Yar'adua government who have publicly claimed that they will fight corruption with zeal. Yar'adua also said that he will not shield his former thieving colleagues but the actions of his government points to a farcical and theatrical war against corruption.

As expected, the British governments and the UN, whose convention against corruption specifically calls on nations around the world to cooperate and collaborate, have shown indifference to Yar'adua's rhetorics.



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