Conference of Nigeria Political Parties {CNPP}, regrettably views the Oath of Secrecy administered by Justice Husseini Yusuf of Abuja High Court, on the aides of President Umaru Yaradua, as sign post of emerging dictatorship.
The Oath of Secrecy administered to officials of the presidency, ranging from principal secretary to cooks, is a freedom reverse gear, for a regime that professes the rule of law; hence an impediment on freedom, the bastion of democracy.
 The Oath, unfortunately confirms the allegation, that there is moral crisis of confidence in the presidency, which led to the collapse of the 7-Point-Agenda.
What have democracy achieved in Nigeria in the past nine years but freedom?
Our outrage is predicated on the truism that every rude impediment on freedom, extends to other domains, in our scenario may extend to abridge the ratification of the Freedom of Information Bill, thus with unintended danger of despotism.
It is now crystal clear why the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP}, with overwhelming majority in the National Assembly, is reluctant to ratify the Freedom of Information Bill, for charity they say begins at home.
 Otherwise, if President Umaru Yaradua has no confidence in his personal staff and imposes restrictions upon them, the Gestapo closure of the Channels Television may be a child’s play in the unfolding despotism.
We wish to remind President Umaru Yaradua that Nigerians in the past nine have been groaning under the yoke of PDP;s inefficiency and monumental corruption and we do need not to compound it with interference on our freedom.
We shall challenge any infringement on our freedom.
Osita Okechukwu
National Publicity Secretary

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