Senator David Mark, Hon Dimeji Bankole and all the Hon Speakers of the various Houses of Assemblies in Nigeria will do well if the blunders of PDP, of forcibly installing presidents of Nigeria through North and South schemes will be corrected by amending the constitution immediately to insert provision for two Vice Presidents (North and South). Instead of wasting the huge amounts allocated for the amendment of constitution, the Senate and the House of Representatives should concentrate and quickly amend CHAPTER VI, section 142-146 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution, to effect that whenever a President is incapacitated, removed or left office for any reason whatsoever, then a Vice President from his region, (North/South) should take over as President, or start acting as President whichever the case may be. This will finish all the intrigues that former President Obasanjo had planned for Nigerians to run into trouble since he was not able to elongate his tenure as president of Nigeria for life. It is a known fact that Obasanjo had intended to cause confusion by his plans for a new president of Nigeria right before the time he realized that he would not be able to elongate his tenure in 2007, details of which is known to everyone in and outside Nigeria now even though things have not worked out as per his plan. It is therefore very important for this country to be saved the embarrassment of having to go through any problems for uncomplimentary and inconsistent policies of office holding in our highest political institution. The North/South installment of candidates to be elected for Presidency is not in the Constitution, therefore, the provision of two vice presidents has not been made so as to cater for the take over of the mantle of leadership in case of any incidence of a president leaving office before his time. Everybody knows that the behaviors and attitudes of Nigerians should change for better if the life of Nigerians being governed is to improve. All other amendments if needed should attract the formation of a Constituent Assembly to convene and forward amendments to the executive and the national assembly, after which, the nation should hold a referendum to approve massive changes in our constitution. The Present case at Supreme Court notwithstanding, President, Umaru Musa Yaradua should immediately send a bill amending the constitution to make provision for two vice presidents, to the national assembly to deliberate and coordinate with other states houses of assemblies to amend the constitution immediately, thereby making Goodluck Jonathan Vice President (South ) and another position for Vice President (North).



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