Nigeria’s democracy is certainly getting out of the woods gradually courtesy of the Judicial arm of government’s determination to free itself from the monopoly of the PDP led federal government and its self inflicted injury by a few corrupt Judges at the election petition tribunals and court of appeals nationwide. The activities of those greedy, corrupt, inept and morally bankrupt Judges and Justices have really contributed significantly in the lack of confidence of the people as the only hope of an aggrieved which has further gone a long way in stigmatizing Judiciary as the most corrupt institution in the country.

However, the verdict of the Justice Umaru Abdullahi, the President of the Federal Court of Appeal last week on the governorship tussle in Edo state between the then Governor, Oserheimen Osunbor of the PDP and Adams Oshiomole of the AC has brightened the hope of the common man in the Judiciary as one agency funded by the public that will do its job as required ignoring vested selfish interests from any quarter. Mind you that Justice Abdullahi had been in the eye of the storm of corrupt activities since the 1999, 2003 and 2007 general elections at all levels. Thank God Justice Abdullahi along with 4 other Justices had finally rested the Edo governorship tussle to a just, fair and logical conclusion. They must be commended for showing courage against all odds to correct a grave injustice.

It is therefore our hope that other Justices and Judges at the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and Election Petition Tribunals will take a cue from this verdict and do what is right devoid of sentiments, financial or material inducements. This is certainly the only way Nigeria’s democracy can be moved up to another level. Nigerians had since come to the conclusion that the April 2007 general were not only the worst in the history of elections anywhere in the world but also one of the greatest rapes of the peoples right to use their votes to elect leaders of their choice. Unlike in previous elections where the votes were inflated in favour of the ruling party candidates, the worst happened in 2007.

Most voting centres were not even provided with materials but results were later in the day announced. There is no doubt in the fact that the verdict of some election petition tribunals and court of appeal have beyond reasonable doubt showed some signs of injustices largely due to the corrupt activities of the Judges and Justices. Then many politicians and non politicians had lost confidence in our Judiciary not only on election matters but on all other matters brought before the courts.

But now it seems our democracy is gradually and steadily marching towards a refined democracy. Nigeria’s democracy has certainly gotten a boost from the Judiciary with the Justice Abdullahi Judgment. This is to say that a new dawn has come to Nigeria. One only hopes that the tempo will be maintained and re-strengthened by those whose responsibility it is to make things work. Nigeria’s democracy has certainly come of age.


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