By Marshal Jerry Madukwe (Coordinator African Youths Alliance for Democracy) An adage from eastern Nigeria says “egbe beere Ugo beere, onye sin a ibe ya ebeela nku kwa ya”. This means literarily, let the eagle perch, let the hawk perch, who ever refuses to let the other perch will lose its wings The recent embarrassment meted out on Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, the erstwhile chairman of the economic and financial crimes commission is enough evidence to call for complete eradication of members of the political elite class. In broad day light, security agents rather armed agents of the Nigeria state were used to carry out this stone age act. It is very clear that the illegal Yar Adua regime has chosen to go by the dictates of brigands and looters of the Nigerian state who foisted him on the Nigerian people. Going by this belief it is very evident that Yar Adua is going to be the worst president Nigeria will ever have in her history.

Going by the way different cabals and manipulators, for instance, the Ibori camp, the governors forum, the ex-governors forum, the Katsina mafia and the first ladies forum are controlling every aspect of the life of the ordinary man through the office of the president, attorney general and inspector general of police; it is now stale news that the vision 2020 is just an abracadabra mantra. It is very clear that the vision 2020 proclamation is just a ruse to confuse and mislead the teeming hungry and ill protected Nigerian populace. Suffice it to say that the vision 2020 is a lofty idea, but the Yar adua government in all ramifications has shown its incapacity to jump start it out in its almost two years in office. From the onset of this administration every step made has been a calculated attempt to make Nigeria very uncomfortable for the poor masses.. I make this assertion because the fight against corruption which was at its growing stage under Nuhu Ribadu and which gave the poor masses a glimpse of hope for a better future is currently being adversely impeded by the hawks and vultures posturing as emancipators in Aso Rock.

Brazenly, the nation’s attorney general gives tactless orders to prosecutors to withdraw charges against arraigned questionable corrupt politicians. The inspector general of police ineptly withdraws security agents, who are more or less extortionist manning the nations sparsely protected highways to expose Nigerian travelers to armed robbers during the festive period. And the office of the president interferes needlessly in matters that can be evidently handled by lower departments in the government bureaucracy. All these nefarious and despondent activities being done by these purported leaders are not done in other parts of the world were visions have been slated to be achieved, but in Nigeria they are done in broad day light. And it is expedient that a clarion revolutionary call be made.

Our president shows a high level of tactlessness when ranked with presidents of many other nations. I cannot help saying that he is just below Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in tactless presidents ranking. Even with Robert Mugabe’s higher position on the most tactless president ranking, one can still argue that Robert Mugabe is better than Yar Adua because Robert claims to be fighting the western powers that have refused to let Africa be.. But in Yar Adua’s case, he can cannot claim to be fighting anybody. If he says that he is fighting the Brigands and looters calling the shots in Aso Rock, all Nigerians will join him to fight. But if he says he is fighting Buhari and Atiku from whom he stole the leadership mandate from, what the Nigerian people advise him to do is to call another election that is free and fair.

It is very evident that Yar Adua cannot do the latter going by his antecedent of bribing judges and his unpopularity with Nigerian voters, which shows that he cannot win an election. And if he chooses to claim the former, he will be booed because there are evidences to show that he dines with the brigands that have looted the economy till it bleeds now. Also, it is well known that he still romances them for advises and looting methods.. Even his recent ministerial list shows that we have an incapable president that cannot hide his love for corruption. Although, it is unfair to compare Musa to Barack Obama, it is mindful to do it to show the level of tactlessness of our nation’s president.

Barack Obama, the recently elected president of America has even before his inauguration jump started measures to re-strengthening the American economy. Almost every day, he reassures the American people that he has them in mind by appointing aides and cabinet members that are up to the task. It can be said that the American people approve his measures because no one hears a dissenting voice to his appointment decisions. However, in Nigeria, the reverse is the case because even the illiterate citizen can tell when a wrong appointment decision has been made. Again, going by all these facts given above, is it not proper to say we have a tactless leader, who with all the dissention to his appointment and policy decisions goes ahead with them?

Isn’t it sadder that even with the clamor after wrong appointments, Nigerians continue their normal lives as if nobody has been bruised and the normal life of suffering, insecurity, hunger, poverty and poor standard of living continues unabated with no revolution? Really, this is unbecoming of the people of Nigeria I have always read about. The Benin people I know fought the colonialist to a standstill, the Ibos refused to let the colonialist have complete dominance over their affairs, the Yoruba’s kept vigil over their lands to prevent the imperialist and the Hausas fought the jihad wars to emancipate the unbelievers from deities. Hence, a more defined battle is being called now-the revolution against the looters and brigands that have raped our economy so much and made lives miserable for our yet unborn children, a revolution to awaken our minds and souls to the realities of the new millennium, where advanced technology, infrastructural development and modern education exist.

Today, a warning is being sent to this brazenly corrupt and inept government concerning the atrocities it metes out daily on the lives of the Nigerian people. If the Yar Adua government continuously refuses to deliver the dividends of democracy as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the poverty stricken people, it is no hard fact to state that Yar Adua and members of his government, brigands and looters of the nation’s treasury, oil bunkerers, smugglers and destroyers of the common good of the people will find themselves jailed for their atrocities in a very short time.

It is not difficult to say that the change that has come to America will come to Nigeria in a short time because the teeming population will rise up when the leader they deserve and seek galvanizes them to seek change. The Nigerian youths are not docile, they can be brought together to clamor for their rights just as the American youths were rallied for their common good. Nigerian youths are doing great exploits in all areas be it legal or illegal and so if they can be rallied together for a common cause of emancipating the nation from the likes of Yar Adua and company, it is evident that they will perform the task excellently. By Comrade Jerry Madukwe (Coordinator African Youths Alliance for Democracy U.S.A)


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