By Comrade Sylvester Igbirobo Ukusare
The mafia nature of clearing and forwarding practice has eroded Nigeria of moral democracy hence the hiccups method have reduced our democratic setting to a government of barbarism while we’re now a laughing stock to the world at large.

Yes, the reasons above must not be underrated due to the facts surrounding the present system instead of practicing constitutional democracy however she rather opted for the opposite dogma as the propelled mechanism, even so officially it unculturally accepted the abysmal nudity of our female gender.

So far, the skirmishes in our body polity has demonstrated our Fourth Republic as “the usurpers of reality”, not in conformity with the doctrinaire of contemporary politics like the “Western civil officialdom that traditionally anchored on democratic coordination”.

And here we are again, after 48 years of the country’s independence we don’t understand still the fundamentals of a democratic state. Rather we gyrate with despotism by creating unbridgeable embarrassments through flagrant abuses of democratic principles thereof making the public adamantly in a lawless state.
Hence it is the high time, to bring credible candidates in an election exercise unlike the abysmal attitude of primitive politics by had bastardized the practice of the rule of law with intrinsic worth without sort of prejudice.

Nevertheless, the Obasanjo two tenure administrations (1999-2003/ 2003-2007), of course, these periods has created damages beyond expectation to democratic principles thereby has destroyed the holy concept of “Separation of Power”.
And also, the aspiration of civil doctrines such as the freedom of expression, freedom of the Press, freedom of association, freedom of choice etc has totally become balderdash, not fundamental rights as conceptuality.

In his hey-days he turned Nigeria into a hellish world meant for cannibals, and other crude practices, to have welded himself in governing the country nonetheless the current administration is prosily contracted.

On the other hand, has awarded the country to stooges to preside its affairs until any interruption likely from the judiciary nor a radical revolution by the populace to put final stoppage to his third term tenure governing, that until the moment has been sustained technically.

Moreover, there were many unholy episodes that took place in General Olusegun Obasanjo democratic regimes, of course this would be look upon in sequent graduation, for the reason that Nigeria in her First Republic never experienced some of the events that have unfolded.

Unfortunately the citizenry could not obstruct his management whereas they became praise-singers to the brutish impudence because of impoverished circumstances that reduced them to Banana mentality.

Just as details, our present rule of law has nothing to write home since it portrays the brutish approach which gave the room to the Electoral Act of 1999 sine die.
So, the sine qua non has provided lapses to bamboozled true democratic procedures as opposed to the reliability of electoral transparency being applied in Western countries like the recent Presidential election in the United States of America that has become an historic symbol in world history.

Whereby, a “minor race of African-American candidate fortunately overtook the majority White race runner”, through collective consensus of both races notwithstanding the racial skirmishes in that country and has now ascended to the pinnacle of the central power that oversees the bureaucracy of the nation with the world entity.

However, our system of government could not be referred as democratically oriented although could be assessed as a civil order waiting to be au fait with the ingredients of true democracy alongside fiscal federalism.

As be it, I supposed that our country is not exempted from the exciting events such like the modest system of governance that have to do with globalisation programme whereby equal opportunity is upheld while tribal politics and godfatherism is ruled off entirely from a concreted democratic environment.
The amateur political mentality caused by Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo reduced the country to have ceded the Bakassi peninsula to the Cameroonian authority; indeed it was a gentleman deal to protect him from the rage of the United Nations Organisation.

Secondly, the betrayal of Mr. Charles Taylor was another vivid example that shows his tactics of duplicity while robbing Peter to pay Paul in spite of his unpopularity overwhelmed with tyranny.

Equally, he has been noted by the domestic and international human rights activists for been involved stalwartly with the gross misappropriation of the country coffers coupled with other atrocities committed until moment, still the comity of nations office pretended to have not noted the factors instead he’s now a celebrity and acclaimed politically juggernaut in the world.

In respect of the above nonetheless he has been freshly appointed by the UNO as a Special Envoy on Peace Keeping in the Republic Of Congo by Secretary-General Ki-Moon.

Whilst its country’s government and the citizens are litigating on who won the controversial Presidential election of April 21, 2007.

Indeed, what a shame after the 19 months of a sitting government, the tag of illegitimacy still encased the management!

So, as recall how do you view this posture of the UNO, or is it an influence to galvanised corruption round the world by the headship of Mr. Ki-Moon of the United Nation Organisation?

Of course the appointment of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is an act of peril to the world order for have awarded a mediocre instead of a patriotic pan-African or a professional for such a demanding position to mediate on peace nor conflict resolution like the war in Congo Kinshasa.

Me think, the presence of the individuals like retired General Olusegun Obasanjo in that space would result to more acrimony that would spurred the war to a catastrophic height, since his person nor pedigree seems deceitful more so a double face.

Therefore, it’s a pity that amidst the intelligentsia, visionary and uncorrupted leaders in Africa still the Global Village seems unable to be administratively visible enough to look into other statesmen record around the continent before had knocked on General Obasanjo door?.

However, the UN Chief Officer eventually bowed to a satanic priest to lead the bandwagon on “Peace Front” which has ultimately instigated the wraths of the continent grassroots over scored by “Pen Comrades” within the continent to start suspecting Mr. Ki-Moon, a national of South Korea, as not competent sufficiently in administrative faculty.

Besides, his appearance demonstrates that he’s not visionary qualified to lead the world in the positional capacity unlike his predecessor Mr. Koffi Anan.

So, I doubt if Mr. Barack Obama the newly-elected President of the United States of America could work with an individual of such ridiculous calibre to maintain peace across the world.

More so I begin to suspect the recently appointed Secretary General as if he’s not teleguided politically to rubbish the third-world regions for instability via the pretence for peace and stability being anchored on socio-economic elevation of the undeveloped alongside the developing areas in the world.

Moreover, Mr. Ki –Moon should reflect on this issue of appointment of an unpopular element before it become, a defactor of regret, as his curriculum vitae is not qualified neither incapacitated for such compliment to be engaged in the philosophy of peace, as to calm down the warring fronts in that embattled sphere of the world.

The Morality Of Electoral Choice
Regrettably I am constrained again to look into our domestic polity and being a sad reminder to the fourth republic ruled and hence it is a dismay to see our politicians been look upon as one of the primitive literate in the world due to the blind assumption of awarding appointments with miscellaneous misappropriation of the country’s treasury as a family affair, because they were not popularly mandated to lead over the citizenry.

Yes, actually our mood of politicking in Nigeria is shut from the principle of politics just like the “do or die political audacity” that Mr. Obasanjo introduced into the society by using might and violence through intimidation and assassination of rivals.

While the snatching and starching of ballot boxes even without voters registration sheet, thereof, the animations of ballot booths by hooligans under the conspiracy of soldiers, mobile police and the police so as to intimidates the electorate by scaring them from the ballot centres not to perform their civic rights as citizens of the country.

Subsequently it is unfortunate that even you don’t cast your vote equally your vote has been counted and without your knowledge, this is the sort of political exercise being practiced in Nigeria.

These Burgeoning challenges were the making of Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo and his sundry battalion of gladiators accomplished by hesitant of fanatics, or the Hosanna praise-singers including religious with traditional leaders, in this nitty-gritty sort of survival of the fittest struggle unlike the morality of politics in modern societies nor in a decent union.

Yet, the so-called INEC boss was bold enough to come out before the world Press to declared that America should come and learn from Nigeria on how to perform a credible election unlike the traditional democratic process in the USA.
Well, what do Mr. Maurice Iwu meant by this statement? Is this not an imbecilic assertion meant to discredit America and its political doctrines? So, the so-called figlio di fanne sgorgare who claims to be living in a civilized world than the USA, of course he has assumed that primitiveness have overcome civilization? He’s supposed to be reminded that the recent electoral exercise in the USA was an obvious fact of transparency that is significant to America civilization that's why has automatically spreads the civilization around the globe, especially to scores of governance across the universe.

Equally, the said utterance by the said bigwig’s of Nigeria’s Independent Electoral Commission that supposed being sponsored by the taxpayers money has unfortunately reduced the country’s image to a Moronic society alike an extraterrestrial planet whereby worthiness and politeness and patriot ceased to exist.

The Emerging Question In Mr. Nuhu Ribadu Saga

Just like the subject above, since Nigeria gained her autonomous status from the British imperialist in 1960 her leaders still comport in resemblance ardently continues to be identified with the colonial masters weak characters, hence we’re yet to be self reliance or being freed from colonial mentality.

Although countries like India, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia and some other members of the Commonwealth nations has definitely exempted selves from the slavery character of endemic corruption and this direction helped to had goaded their countries into final progress with self reliance. However, Nigeria still insists on the epochal process of politics like the fascist brother imperialist combination which is equally referred as “Colonialist”.

Accordingly, the strange episodes unfolding daily in Nigeria’s fourth republic should not be reckoned as a strange events for reason that our emergence leaders are being romanceful with the old administrative system instead of advancing towards the contemporary era indeed the 21st century of the Jet age.

As sequent, that is one of the reasons that culminated to satanic actualisation whereby no citizen can be boastful enough to say that He/She is patriotic.

Instructively if you look into Mr. Nuhu Ribadu behaviour, you find out that he’s trying to be perfect from the imperfect state, and nature, he found himself, by the emergency appointment through the immediate past president of the federation Chief Matthew Olusegun Obasanjo to had created that bureau for a motive personally known to him, of which he used the former EFCC boss to coordinate, whilst persecute and prosecute the offenders accordingly, without the consideration of constitutional order or otherwise.

And so the same factor has been discovered in other parts of the world, whereby an office is created by an existing dispensation either to track down the government ache rivals nor put order on the corrupt citizens through the monitoring of an office set aside like EFCC, relatively the “Mani Pulito” ( Bureau for anti-corruption ), once chaired by Dr. De Pietro of Italy etc.

Consequently, as tempered to reflective faculty, Mr. Nuhu Ribadu has no wrongdoing nor wits of felony and as such there is no qualms for alarm, because he was officially muffled by his employer upon who to fix the axe and eventually he became a political dog used instrumentally to satisfied the boss egoism. As recall, not until his chief was pressured by the masses and finally he bade off from office.

Moreover, Mr. Ribadu’s freedom from unwavering order now gave him the opportunity to finally prosecute the real crooked citizens that have been found wanting of perpetual corruption, like those 31 governors and some members of the States and National Legislative organs been sponsored by chains of cabals otherwise godfathers, enchained to same fraternity, to have looted the country’s treasury to a bleeding proportion even to the extent that our foreign reserve has falling now digitally instead of tremendously increasing.

Thereupon, like those South-South governors that betrayed the Niger Delta economy for their personal goals with aided by had created insecurity in the region through the factional formations of cultist and militants groups, so as to destabilise the entire nation while the oil bunkering and other sundry criminal activities are going on unchecked without the ceased to these unpatriotic acts.

Least I forget, even some of the former embattled Niger Delta governors are yet daring to come back to power to rule their various states whereas they’re supposed to be in the dungeon by now however it is a pity that they’re moving freely still with the loots they snacked from the country’s assets, of course, this is disbelieving to a decent civil unison.

So far, for Mr. Umar YarAdua has courageously decided at last to be a deserter of such patriotic scheme recently innovated by Mr. Nuhu Ribadu, while his religion’s slogan for the “Rule of Law and Integrity leadership”, has been defied.

By the unwarranted harassment and intimidations to the talakawa priest - Comrade Nuhu Ribadu along with brother Journalists, for being transparent in unfolding the fundamental nature of governance even as protecting their professions so as to retain the Checks and Balances order in our body government.

So be it, as matter of fact, it’s pinioned that Mr. President should be realistic with his 7 Point Agenda nor manifesto, as to safe the country from further damages otherwise he should honourably resigned the apex leadership post of the nation not to soil his reputation with a bad tag.

Similarly, he was known to be of a leftist scholar that has now graduated and become an extreme conservative in the modern history of Nigeria while he’s not the class of Mr. Winston Churchill whom led the British government to lots of victory at wars and economy regeneration whilst at both grouping of Liberal and Conservative flags.

Hence I keep calling on Mr. President to either straightened the morale of constitutional democracy like his elder brother, in the blessed memory, General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua once performed otherwise, posterity wouldn’t forgive him.

And finally, I believed that Mallam Nuhu Ribadu is not guilty of any wanting regardless he’s fighting some monstrous elements for sake of the good of the nation and even to help to realised a strong economy for the land besides “I Have Dream” that Mallam Nuhu Ribadu shall one day become Nigeria’s Mr. President notwithstanding the circumstances that surround him at moment..

And equally he’s of the mission to elevate the economic purse of the common people, so either good or bad the former boss of the EFCC can’t be unnecessarily prosecuted by the police for unwarranted question of disobeying the order and being repugnant to resume at his newly designated post and location.

Also, not all lawyers are capably suited nor qualified for such profession because some of them are fumbling been deficient of the ethic of jurisprudence and seemly shut-out from international practice.

Thus, if it comes to the worst Mr. Nuhu Ribadu should resigned appointment and relax to wait for further encroachment on the audacity of his adeptness to career, as the country’s citizens are equally awaiting to protect him by any measure needed from the vampires that acclaims is their destiny to rule Nigeria for another sixty years if not a century to come.

Wisely, it is time for Mr. President to reconciled with Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and foil the ploy to nail and crucify him, in its place he should be redeployed to former office since has completed the NIPSS course that upgraded his status to an Assistant Inspector General of Police ( AIG ), as the boss of the EFCC.

As the case may be, I begs definitely to permit to say that let the status quo stay on, otherwise would now become a bounce off to the sitting dispensation.

For many reasons amongst which he was the one that groomed Mr. President, he purportedly witch-hunted individuals of tremendous stature and made it easier for President Umaru Yar’Adua to ascendancy, although hoaxly accepted. However, you can bite the finger that fed you, Period!

The Misgivings Of Authority

Although the pretentious outlook of the incumbent sitting has been predicted before and there is no argument about this, as early in February this year Mr. Umaru Yar’Adua throw cold water into the diminishing establishment of Power infrastructure in Nigeria thereafter indicating a final solution just like an ultimatum to ameliorate the epileptic situation of electricity impotency in 18 months, from that particular date.

But how well until now? Indeed he’s yet unable to perform magic in that arena. rather than, he keeps changing Ministers merely to generate technocrats in the regime whereas the electricity problem under the state of emergency has falling beyond expectation at the present time.

Whereby in certain states and communities across the country hardly you get electricity for 2hrs as is now termed as essential commodity in spite that the federal government is projecting to become the 20th industrialised nations in 2020 and so, how can the government achieved such project without electricity to boosting the economy? Thus, electricity is the corner stone of any successful nation in the globe.

Of course, we’re still involved in primitive politics thereof carried away with the lust for public funds, while disregarding the values of governance such as the construction of public utilities like the deplorable network of roads across the federation, even the Aviation and Healthcare aspects are completely dilapidated with no energetic force to renovate or making provision on how to build new ones.

Even security situation has degenerated to the state whereby it has spurred the activities of armed robbers in the country whereas most of our security agents are involved in the dastard activity of armed robbery. And so where do we belong now, of course the insecurity state is beyond succours at present, while the rural areas have been taken over by hooligans thus, what government are we into!?

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