It took a lot of phone calls and emails, but the Obama for America Campaign has officially distanced itself from the controversial "Africa for Obama" group led by one Professor Ndi Okereke-Onyuike.

In a strongly-worded letter that leaves no wiggle room for misinterpretation, the Campaign forcefully dissociates itself from efforts by the controversial head of the Nigerian Stock Exchange to raise funds with the expressed intention of remitting such funds to the Obama Campaign.

We want to inform you that Obama for America, Inc, which is the principal campaign committee for Senator Barrack Obama in his campaign for President of the United States, and the Democratic National Committee are in no way affiliated with this event or with this organisation.

We want to make it clear that the event and this organisation are in no way associated with Obama for America of the Democratic National Committee should this organisation seek to place additional advertisement in your paper.

So read part of the LETTER the Campaign recently addressed to a Nigerian Newspaper following incessant inquiries to the Campaign for clarification of its relationship with the apparently illegal fund raising effort.

As I diaried previously and wrote about in CONTRIBUTING BAGS OF NAIRAS TO OBAMA and PROFESSOR OKEREKE AS AN OBAMA MONEY-BAG, the "Africa for Obama" group had been actively exploiting the global interests in the Obama phenomenon and had been soliciting contributions in Africa from people clearly unqualified to legally contribute to an American Presidential campaign. The effort has, by most recent accounts, raised over 100 millions Naira (Nigerian currently, approx $900,000) which the organizers had claimed would be remitted to the Obama Campaign.

Seeing the Obama Campaign come down so forcefully against these snake oil merchants is gratifying. It is sad, though, that a few otherwise smart and successful individuals would seek to exploit the genuine interest and endanger the hope invested by millions of people worldwide in this once-in-a-lifetime candidate for their nefarious and selfish interests. Some people really can't find "Shame" in the dictionary even if it is the only word left in there.

Fortunately, we can now put this sordid episode behind us and stay focused on the task ahead - getting Obama elected.

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