Perceptively, the government system of the incumbent administration is practically conflicting, being confused with concept, whereas the ruling party has neither manifesto nor a written agenda prior to its shady mandate to rule the country.
Zealously, the current management religiously adopted the rule of law by due process likewise  zero tolerance to corruption but these perceptions seems defective and somehow a deceit anchored to win over the people’s trust to govern them.

However, the actualities of misdemeanor have proofed the ruling cabinet at all facets to be passionately inclined with the lust for selfish quest unlike what it meant theoretically. 

Unprepossessing, as just being observed, the religion of the running government is hypocritical, which logically does not exceeds it predecessor’s standard and in addition, è una strupa come una cena ad infinitum, nonetheless it is a rape in resemblance like an unfinished dinner.

For this reason, we seems dumbfounded being flabbergasted with the misconceptive attitude of our emergency leaders, that today arrogantly refuses to succumbed to public views rather than correcting themselves from the unalterable character, they’ve assume to be their beautiful bride.

 Noting that our system is seriously retrogressing, in place of being matured and progressing but rather it’s the abridgment of despotic ascending that curtly initiated by the military in conspiracy with the pioneers of the PDP in 1999 until very moment and beyond.

 Minutely, without the iota of doubt, it is certainty that the last batch of the military government of the junta regimes is still ruling by disguised and hence we are yet unable to obtained the exact democracy system we had clamored for . Besides, it’s a laughable notion that such conceptuality was merely to divert the mind-set of the public from the negativism of military rule although the military audacity still ensued.

 Regrettably, such anatomy is a great disappointment to the citizenry, in the other word, è una scelta furbissimo or a false choice! Theologically, it is the revelation of magoismo and streganismo which would be traced through scientific microscopic or otherwise the progeny of abracadabra similar to the famed gbomogbomo hoax planet.

Accordingly, the thrust for transparency with accountability appears to be eroded in the present administration just like her brother dispensations in 1999-2007, both in the states and federal levels also in the grass-root segment of the country management, therefore, it is purely Machiavellian as against the Nigerian project.
As with effect,  we’re yet lacking the principle of civilization more so squat of democratic fundamentals moreover our nascent democracy is threatened by a  class of cabal that primarily related to the power brokers, that has vowed to rule over our beloved fatherland for another half a century.

Although, the machinery operators fails to realized that such anticipated keenness wont come to play except the citizenry are imbeciles and not dogmatic as per se human beings.

Today, the citizenry are not satisfied of course being slightfully stressed of poverty, not sure of tomorrow because of the inability of the government to tackled the fundamental problems of the society and owing to the reason that our leaders are unscrupulous and not reliable to uphold the responsibility of uplifting the society through elevating the masses from the impoverished state to a society of egalitarian.
Whereby every entity of the public is comfortable with their fundamental amenities nor provisions rather the rulers keep comforting themselves as against the concept of leadership by blindly looting the citizens treasury to a bleeding proportion with the hope that there will be always a loophole to escape their misdemeanor in office.

Therefrom, the astonished manipulative concept to governance has reduced the repute of our hard earned nation and democracy to toothless bulldog, yet, preferred to be associated to a primitive society even at her 48 years. Similarly, this was not the vision of his Lord Lugard and wife that gave birth to Nigeria from the nickname (Negro Area), at about 1912 – 1914 whereby it formerly became a republic in 1960 and thereafter progressed to a collective uniformity that brought the ethnic nationalities groups by had been spirited with the thrust of harmony towards its incorporation in 1963.

Yet, the passage of governments until date seems not to understand the fundamentals of a federated organization rather they preferred dinning with the abnormalities of true federalism.

So far, the poor are disturbed with the untoward behaviors of our assumed leaders and governments since they’re still unable to correct the approach while taking the populace fundamental privileges for granted even carefree of the sanity of the nation that warrant the continuous bastardization of the acuity nor the concept of the ruler and the followers.

And above this, the society is helplessly progressing to a lawless state and adamantly forbidding to retain a multi- party platform rather than the one party state ideology the government has tendered to.

Anyway, it is quoted biblically that Jesus once said; not everyone that saith unto me, lord, lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the Will of my Father who is in heaven will be prevailed upon as the righteous and in thy name many wonders would follow up.

Naturally, as detailed in the said citation, Nigeria needs a comprehensive cleansing in all facets of government,  beside the ramifications of public order ( security ), health and the judiciary likewise the legislative and the executive corridors of power.

Thus, the police in the country should be morally activated nonetheless its apron to poor remuneration even so, that wouldn’t make the establishment to be consumed by the epidemic corruption and ritual as an attitudinal code while discharging duty.

 Despite that, its ideologically is embraced with creating peace and harmony by being friendly with the people as a substitute of its present stance of being terrorizing the public by incriminating the citizenry unjustly in reliance to extortion with disguise of discharging is duty.

By the way, it is not the true essence of policing the society from crimes and other civil odds and hence we seek an immediate redress to curtail the excess of the policemen in Nigeria that has been culminated with the tendency of criminality instead of being a religious priest to the public.

Of course, by constitutional rights citizens are not supposed to pay any money in the police station before bail in any circumstances under civil context except on penal cases like homicide, robbery and treasonable etc.

But the practical aspect seems flawed and of deceitful approach such that the police ask for an unimaginable amount accruing to the whopping sum of between 15 to 20.000 Naira, from a defendant before bail, also the amount obtained by the policeman on duty is not accounted for, thereof issuing a receipt to cover the amount received by the enforcement agent. Such a conduct is like a ritual activity that is now popular in most of the police stations in the country, especially in the metropolitan cities around the federation and more conversant in the districts of the Niger Delta.

As observed, when some of the officers in the Niger Delta are culminated with a transfer order and they become dejected immediately by lamenting seriously bearishly looking for all possibility to prevent them from been transferred.
So, we have observed that both the policemen and the military men in the Niger Delta are birds of the same feather that needs  be cautioned of compartmental code prior to been transferred to the axis, and too to be reminded of their duty by requesting them to be acquainted morally as to be informs of the fundamental rights of the citizens.

 Thereupon, it has become continuum behaviors of our operative agents in the South-South region in having the notion of becoming rich over night through dubious tendencies thereby falling apart from its modus operandi. Although,  my learned and cherished Barrister Festus Keyamo has observed the aforesaid irregularities in the police establishment.

And with the unjust incrimination, of the innocent citizens, with regards to bribery, bailing by money and other sorts of extortion through an intimidating process while using the natives against themselves as a tool of creating peace by the unwarrantably arrest of citizens through alien allegation as a solution to extorts money from the common man. Accordingly, this act is traumatizing and absolutely unfounded to the religious concept of police in any governmental context and especially in democratic environment.

Apparently, the police institution is categorize into different sections such like; The Police, Metro police, Riot police, Local Council Police, Traffic Warders, Community Police, Forest and Coastal Police etc.

 But in Nigeria, it’s just the Police and the Mobile policemen are conversant and visible to the public although in scanty states you also notice the council police and never mind that the government seem unconcerned about the arrangement of the different organs of the institution.

In whichever way, therefore, it is the time we should appeal to the judiciary to trim the excess of the misconceptions displayed by the Nigerian police through the “Checks and Balances”, stipulates been specified and being provided in our supreme constitution, even though not civilly endorsed,  was then welcomed by the populace because of the dexterity for democracy process par se for the mindset of an egalitarian society.

Although, the unfolding cleansing  exercise in the management of the day as well as overhauling the entire machinery of government is still not effected as the dated style of government was surreptitiously accomplished  both by the military and a handful of unprincipled civilians then.

 In fact, we have urged the incumbent dispensation to uphold the principle of a “ Servant Leadership”, however, the contrary seems to be the solution whereby the government tends to be pragmatic at fighting corruption although being dirtied with favoritism acts more-like a fascist enthronement.

Indeed, the political theater of the current dispensation has been polluted with the creeping nullification of the presumed stolen mandated governors with their representatives in the lower and upper chambers of the federal congress as well as similar events in the states congress, by the Electoral Petitions Tribunal around the country, in respect of the 2007 controversial polls.

Whilst at the same time, nowadays, most states houses of assembly are infected with politicking of threats of impeachment, of either the speaker, the deputy speaker, the governor etc for special reasons to protect their interest nor axis from being relegated neither from being dethroned from the grip of power.
Nevertheless, the common sense of democracy is not the actualization of these illicit acts nor demonic instigation, because our system is atypically false very imprecise and not in conformity with the principle’ of democracy, thus in the other word, it’s a sort of monocracy spirited by military nerve.

Propitiously, as a contemporary philosopher, I am much delighted at analyzing current strategies in any assumed civil composition such as the assessing the political composition of the present Nigerian state, that has bluntly refused to adopt to a true uncensored process consequently due to the greedy tendency of our leaders.

In the interim. they are yet in the primitive process and forgetting that our society is wadding behind in all ramifications and even  though they erroneously claiming to be improving in governances as similar to infrastructure, institutional and environmental improvements.

Moreover, they failed to realized that we’re having the worst economy in the continent rather in the globe because of their mistakenly dependence and contentment on our oil wealth that by confederate prerogative by belongs to the minority region otherwise the Niger Delta section of the Nigerian state.

Rather than opening ways to other resources abound in the nation so to build the economy through others revenue for our currency to have a strong value, instead they concentrates only on the black gold trying to aggregate the country with advanced countries.

Whereas the government enthroned the antics whereby using military forces to destabilized the region  of the wetland, by disguisedly occupying the area while incriminating the natives with the actions of incessant killings through the random arresting and arraigning of the indigenes for unimaginable crimes before the various brand of courts, either civil or military around the country.
 And just like the case of Comrade Isaac Adaka Boro through Ken Saro Wiwa both in the blessed memory as falling heroes and also to Asari Dokubo and now in 2008 is Henry Okah, of course, is all because they belongs to the same minority region.

Even though, they’re clausely being protected by our supreme and the universal statutes, to their property rights, as a minority domain but unilaterally, they have been subjugated by the athletics’ of gansterism to presides over the affair of their ancestry bequeathed wealth the “crude oil”. So, for how long would this injustice continue in the land of many in which few are dominating?
All the same, the natives affixed by composition to the minority block, because of their voicefullness and resistance to the fascist forces, been initiated by the civilly uncultured Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s governments that is becoming fast fading before the people.

Even that, his elongation tenure is prosily until date, have led to the rascality of these individuals that acclaims  is their birth rights to occupy the Niger Delta at all cost, via unconstitutional process as to safeguard their business of illegal bunkering and other sundry activities and from the oil and gas sectors as well as the royalties as dividends accrued from the multinational oil companies etc, around the region, from untimely scrunch up nor prematurely somersaulted.
Thus far, I therefore extend my congratulations to our charismatic leader of the South South region, his zillionism, Chief. Dr. Senator Edwin Kiagbodo Clark,  for his 80th birthday celebration. And, for the visionary headship of the region until date.
Moreover, his par excellence should be an exemplarity that needs to be emulated by the natives of the Niger Delta and indeed to the unborn generation for his boldness, steadfastness, detribalized and voicefullness, for the welfare of every entity from the region.

Comparably, Prof. Tam-David West antecedent curriculum’s in pragmatism, activism and as academician in the emancipation pontificating for the nation, and his nativity background of the Nigeria Delta axis has attained the proof of patriotism and as a result is almost comparable to such a height as the equally an iroko tree – in the South-South geo-political region, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Naturally, the best of heaven has been given to Nigeria as to liberate the citizens from poverty, but the country has continued to suffered from dishonest leaders, that has brought us to the present state whereby the leadership stool of the nation somehow seems to be vacuum because of the crude process of arrogating power to oneself instead of the conception of collectivity being mandated by politically consensus, as against the play-off of blind assumption, through the do or die audacity by invariably imposing unpopular candidate at the detriment of the citizenry, therefrom, it has destroyed the entire facets of management in our society.

In fact, making the citizens to become redundant and unimportant in the scheme of choosing their leaders whereby has disenfranchised the public from their civil obligations. In addition to the said strategy,  hence such a consequence has led to weakness in the character of our rulers moreso bringing the nation to hyper retrogression instead of fast growth with socio-economic improvement, being anchored with unity.

Definitely, it is painstaking that the question of resources control is yet unresolved and other salient issues like the creation of more states in the federation, significant in the Niger Delta axis that has been marginalized on so many issues including that of state creation however we seek redress appealing to the federal government to bring Daniel to justice by creating more states from the South-South axis. Besides, we needed an Urhobo State out of the present Delta State and mainly for the core Deltans, even the proposed state has surpassed the yardstick for a state creation.
However, the question of the epileptic moreso endemic electricity impotency as well as the uncertainty in the country’s health sector, that has been consumed with exaggerative corruption and short of medical equipments coupled with the dilapidated hospitals around the nation and aside the monstrous amount of money spent and also the weak security state. Of course, where are these monies gone to?
In retrospect, we needs reinvigoration now as to save our country from final collapse since the investment of the corporate state is under the edge of a diminishing return as the Naira currency has no value before the citizenry neither the international world hence the economy is galloping beyond hyper inflation.
Thereupon, it should be about patriotism if the former embattled president of the nation, Chief Matthew Aremu Akikiomu Olusegun Obasanjo, is probed, questioned publicly and prosecuted accordingly for misconducts arising from gross misappropriations of the country’s funds.

 And also for the aggressive abused of the Privatisation Policy, that appropriated sundry properties alike government own industries, buildings, undeveloped plots around the federation etc to him and family and by pretence been coupled with arrogancy, he milk the country’s treasury to a zero dimension whereas before he ascended to power was so reduced financially.

 Whereby, many of his stooges had become emergency millionaires all round the nation, just like the handiwork of the world sadists like Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hilter and Saddam Hussein similarly Robert Mugabe equally Silvio Berlusconi, these are some of the famous neo-fascist equally tyrants in the annals of world history vis-à-vis contemporary nor contemporaneous.

Ooh! Before I forget, I should use the splendid occasion to re-examine to the international polity beside the Italian perspective, thus it is a very sad news for the foreigners in that country that the third emergence of Mr. Silvio Berlusconi again in the year 2008 as the country’s prime minister despite Mr. Romano Prodi as the finest democratic leader for Italy likewise his lieutenant Mr. Walter Veltroni progressist ideology to have changed the infected xenophobic reputation in the Italian society.
Regrettably, the protocol of Berlusconi would do a great disservice to the well-being of the black community as his government is being affiliated with a pro-racist dogmatic equally in unity with the Lega North  being presided by Mr. Umberto Bossi ( the stroked paralysed man ), would lead to the increase of social imagination amidst the sub-Saharan immigrants living in that country, such as it would instigate the unnessary expulsion and deportation of African immigrants to their various countries in a mass order even by violating the international constitution, so, this is tremendous to the intercontinental sphere.

By Comrade Sylvester Ukusare.

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