Our attention has been drawn to some local newspaper stories quoting the Abuja FCT Police Commissioner, Mr Haruna John as saying that the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) was planning an attack on the FCT and also on some politicians.


MEND denies this Christmas fraud by the police who seem to be learning fast the same dubious tactics adopted by the JTF to frighten the authorities and politicians to extort money. Coming at this time of the year, we can understand that the commissioner wants to exhaust all funds in his 2008 budget.

When we decide to set our sights on the FCT it will be the easiest target because of it's porous security. For now, our focus is on the region that is sustaining the FCT because once we shut the economic valves from the Niger Delta, the taps in Abuja will automatically run dry.
By Jomo Gbomo

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