The Ondo State Chapter of the Labour Party (LP) has reacted to the sweeping allegation by the State Government that it (LP) has seen the judgement of the Appeal Court describing the allegation as spurious and “the cry of a loser.” According to the LP’s Director of Press, Research and Strategy, Mr. Kolawole Olabisi, this is another pre-emptive measure by Agagu to vilify the Judiciary should he lose at the Appeal Court just like he did when he lost at the lower Tribunal in Akure and went about abusing the Judiciary in the media.

The party equally reminded the nation of a similar allegation made by agents of the State Government against the Supreme Court when they accused it of leaking its judgement to Senator Hosea Ehinlanwo in his case against Chief Olusola Oke over the Ondo South Senatorial District seat. His words: “In spite their wolf cries, we want to reiterate our unshakable confidence in the Judiciary. We won the April 14, governorship election and as firm believer in the Rule of Law, we resisted all forms of provocations to resort to self help, we went before the Judiciary and we were proven right when it declared us as the winner on July 25 2008, we are optimistic of victory again.

” While saying emphatically that neither the LP nor its Flag bearer, Dr Mimiko had anything to do with the stoppage of government contract at the law court as being alleged, Agagu, Olabisi stated, should leave Dr Mimiko and LP out of his woes and face his myriads of problems occasioned by his recklessness with the people’s money. “Agagu has now become so paranoid that even if his wife has a nagging migraine that refuses to go away on time, its is definitely the handiwork of Dr Olusegun Mimiko and people in LP, if some people decide to go to court and exercise their fundamental human rights as entrenched in the Nigeria’s Constitution asking it to call Agagu’s now infamous recklessness with the State’s commonwealth, should Mimiko be blamed for this? This is the era of the Rule of Law; Agagu should go to court to quash the injunction rather than pointing baseless accusing fingers all over the place. “The truth is that Dr Agagu knows where the rain has begun to beat him, he knows that when on April 14, 2007 , he decided to rape the people’s mandate at gunpoint, he should expect that he, like Macbeth, has murdered sleep and should expect to sleep no more.

Today, the table has turned and his sins have come full circle and it’s time for the real dance of the people as opposed to the dance of those who raped the people’s collective wish on April 14, 2007 . Agagu knows that he ought to have thrown in the towel following the July 25, 2008 verdict of Justice Garba Nabaruma which nullified his pyrrhic victory and declared Dr Mimiko as the duly elected governor of Ondo State .” Olabisi also described as laughable and “market women stuff” the insinuations that the LP has set up an Inauguration Committee saying that it was an insinuation that could come from those who rather than administering Ondo State now engage in idle talks. Says Olabisi: The whole world should help us ask Dr Olusegun Agagu what he now do in Abuja where he spends three days in a week while the business of State suffers. He now operates as an absentee governor while his Deputy also gallivants all over the nation.

In a saner clime, Agagu should have resigned at it is now obvious that he is tired of his position as the as the Governor of Ondo State.” Meanwhile the LP on Wednesday raised an alarm over the importation of arms and ammunition into the State by the Dr Olusegun Agagu government with the aim of unleashing a fresh wave of violence on then State in case it loses at the Court of Appeal, Benin sitting on the appeal filed by Dr Agagu against the judgement of the Justice Garba Nabaruma-led election Petitions Tribunal which nullified his purported victory at the April 14, 2007 governorship election. Specifically, LP disclosed that hired assassin had been brought to the State by the embattled Governor and lodged at the VIP Chalet located within the precincts of the Governor’s Office lately vacated by his Legal team from where they would be deployed to various part of the State to hit prominent LP chieftains.

His words: “some days ago, the Olusegun Agagu led-PDP government in Ondo State in a pre-emptive move of what they want to do raised a false alarm that the LP was planning to cause trouble in the state, but information at our disposal has it that Agagu had, like he did shortly before the April 14, 2007 election, not only brought in lots of sophisticated weapons, he has also brought in trained killers to hit our people in case he loses at the Appeal Court, a development which is most likely.

“In Ondo town, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, our Flag bearer’s home town, his name is on the list of those to be hit alongside other leaders and their business premises. We are therefore using this medium to appeal to Mr. President, Alhaji Umar Musa Yar’Adua, the Vice President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, to call Agagu to order. We don’t want violence and blood letting in Ondo State any more. The security agencies in Ondo State too should be aware of this latest move by Agagu to cause mayhem” Olabisi stated.

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