Press Release: The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has warned the senate that it stands the chance of bringing the present democracy to a violent end if it feels that it will guard and protect electoral corruption, which is the worst form of corruption. The party issued this terse warning in reaction to the Senate’s attempt to protect the discredited chairman of INEC from removal after the shameless manner he rigged the 2007 to favor some of the so-called senators that are now protecting him.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC says that it is obvious that these so-called senators who were never elected but imposed through Iwu’s dirty maneuver of the 2007 election are repaying the sullied fountain of their emergence hence their present effort to enrobe Iwu, who should have long been sacked from office against the rising angst of Nigerians. It warns the senate that entertaining the thought that they would be allowed to play self-profiting tricks with the interests of Nigerians would amount to a costly joke that stands the chance of truncating the present democracy.

 “We are not fooled by the antics of this senate, where over 95 per cent of the members that sit therein got there through stolen mandates and electoral robbery. What more, we know that these characters amuse themselves that we subscribe to the self-flattery and assumed importance with which they carry themselves as to forget that they were never elected senators in the first instance but were smuggled into office through Iwu’s bazaar of April 21, 2007. This is why they should be so contemptuous of the well-expressed feelings of Nigerians who are repulsed that Iwu is still being allowed to desecrate the country’s electoral process, presumably assured by this so-called senate that he is out of harm’s way for the mess he made of the Nigerian electoral system in 2007.

 “We re-state that the law does not in anyway avail a criminal and Iwu, considering the disastrous job he intentionally did in April 2007, does not deserve any protection by the country’s constitution. No law requires a senate vetting for the removal of any public officer that had executed his duties in breach of the required constitutional provisions. Iwu’s macabre activities may be alien to the so-called senators that drink from his fouled well but the entire world knows him as the man that conducted the very worst election in human history. The courts have employed same in setting a record of the highest ever judicial reversal of electoral mandates in human history though, blinded by the selfish urge to protect the source of their corrupt emergence, the so-called senators may ignore or even attempt to twist this fact.

 “What the present fire brigade effort to retain Iwu points to Nigerians is the need to rise up and fight for a country they desire. It shows the hypocrisy in the so-called electoral reforms. It shows the PDP is wedded to political corruption and only an affirmative action would stop this deliberate effort to ensure that corruption is rooted in the polity just because a few people benefit from it. It points out that the PDP is unrepentantly committed to ensuring that the 2011 elections comes out worse than the odious scam of 2007 and the present characters hope to benefit from it.

 “We therefore call on all patriotic Nigerians; labour, students, market women, the press, the bar, and indeed all Nigerians to start mobilizing for the final battle with these vermin that will stop at nothing to criminalize the process because that assures them of continuous thriving while the country goes under. We want to warn the Senate and infact, the Yar’Adua government that Nigerians have exhausted their patience on Iwu and that his continued retention will spark off a fire that will consume all of them in the not so distant future.”

 Joe Igbokwe.

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos AC.

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