Above are pictures of the mansion of Dr. Amos Adamu, the deposed Director General of Nigeria’s, National Sports Commission, who is now a director, in the office of the head of service.

Between 1991 and November 2008, when he was sacked from sports, Adamu was in charge of sports multi-million dollars budgets, one of Nigeria’s drainpipes. But as sports got thinner and thinner, Dr. Adamu’s fortunes only got better, from it he built his personal empire.

From security outfit Proserv, to a company known as “ Padmozi Nigeria Limited” and the marketing company that gets all the contracts in Nigeria sports- both   run by on Mike Itemuagbor, a front for Dr. Adamu- to “Balmoral” -the biggest event management company in Nigeria, run by his son, Ezekiel Adamu, in fact many in sports believe that the tents used for the Abuja 2003 “All Africa Games” which Dr. Adamu organized as the head of COJA were converted to private use by Adamu to start his events management company Balmoral.

Adamu has hotels in Abuja and Lagos, he has many houses both at home and abroad, his children attends the best schools in England.

But Adamu¼s favorite among is estate is the one shown above, located in Parkview estate, Ikoyi, an area that is well –known   home of many treasury looters. The palatial mansion, on a large expanse of land, is on Number 1, “Dr. Amos Adamu close”, Parkview, Ikoyi,  Lagos. Many are asking what, Dr. Adamu, a civil servant has done to build such a palatial mansion in the most expensive part of Lagos. So, many more people are also curious as to why the Lagos state government named a street or close after Dr. Adamu, a kleptocrat.


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