The recent threat for a section of Nigeria, precisely Mubi in Adamawa state to secede from the country should the national assembly refuse to grant its demand for the creation of a new state by no other person than a member of the Federal House of Representatives for Mubi / Maiha constituency, Njidda Gella. His comments and outbursts are not only a threat to the survival of the country and peace and unity of the present Adamawa state and the communities he represents at the national assembly.. His comments are as mutinous as a military takeover of government.

Honourable Njidda’s threat for Mubi/Maiha in the present Adamawa state to secede to neighbouring Cameroon should not be taken lightly. The security as agents must remain alert and quiz the lawmaker for his unguarded utterances because of its security implications to the area, Adamawa state and the country in general. Security agents must remain alert and nip in the bud such inflammatory utterances.

Media reports from the area have shown wide condemnation by the people of their representative’s statement and some have even denounced the House of Representatives member’s inciting statement. The Sarkin Kabillu of Maiha local government, Alhaji Iliasu Maiha said that the threat to secede from Nigeria by Hon. Njidda was self serving interest motivated and not to serve the  people of the constituency.

Honourable Njidda was also accused of failing in his responsibilities as the true representative of the people.

Though the legislator is serving his third term in the national assembly, Njidda was accused of not using his resources to empower them thereby further assisting in their impoverishment. As a result of the member’s threat, the people have pledged not to return him to the national assembly in the 2011 elections.


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