In response to a peace parley invitation by the Rivers State government, a local warlord in the Bonny axis of Rivers state, Mr. Oremi Pepple in the company of six other persons arrived  at the agreed rendezvous on Iwofe road in Port Harcourt and were immediately placed under arrest today, March 5, 2009.
The seven men were first taken to the Ada George Police station before finally transferred to the Central Police Station in Port Harcourt.
Our sources inside the police revealed that there was a debate on whether the men should be summarily executed or not. It was decided that they may be helpful on the short term and so their lives should be spared - for now.

This deceit again by the Rivers state government is unfortunate because by throwing away a golden opportunity to reconcile with those foolish enough to trust the government, they are making others dig deeper into their trenches.
Arresting or killing the leader of a pack of wolves is dangerous because the armed pack will have no control; leading to further insecurity in the region.
This statement serves to put on notice human rights groups so that the arrest and trial of these prospective peace seekers can be closely monitored.
The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) still considers the involvement of international mediators and a UN backed peace protocol as the only forum it will recognize in the face of the insincerity of the Nigerian government.
Jomo Gbomo

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