The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has applauded the interest shown to the re-run election in Ekiti State b various interest groups and civil society organizations. The party said that with such interest, a strong message is being sent to those who feel they can continue to commandeer the people’s votes and mandate for their selfish interests that the game is up.

 In a release in Lagos, signed by the party’s Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC said that it is delighted by the decision of such civil society groups as Civil Society Coalition for Mandate Protection, which had served notice that its members and other civil society groups would storm Ekiti to monitor the re-run polls. The party said that with such interest shown on the electoral process, there is hope that the country may outlive the harrowing gash inflicted by the violent manipulation of the 2007 elections.

“As the PDP gets increasingly aware that the game is up in Ekiti State and resorts to bestial violence to cow the people to submission, we believe that the renewed interests shown to the polls by credible civil society groups like CSCMP will help ensure that peoples votes count unlike in the macabre manipulations that riddled the 2007 so-called elections where the INEC and the PDP ensured they substituted the electoral wills of the Nigerian people with their own selfish wills.

“With each onslaught launched on the good people of Ekiti State by desperate PDP officials who do not want to come to the reality that Ekiti is lost for good, there are inspiring interests to ensure that the voters in Ekiti are the only people that decide who become the Governor of that state after the re-run polls. Each day sees newer groups and interests enlisting in what is becoming an unconquerable credible elections brigade and this understandably rankles the PDP that sources electoral strength from massively and impudently stealing the votes of the people. This is a salutary attitude in a country that had been made to submit to the wiles and intrigues of remorseless electoral robbers and their accomplices.

“We call on more Nigerians to stand up and enlist on this laudable mission to frustrate the riggers and ensure that Ekiti is governed only by a person duly elected by the Ekiti people. We want all Nigerians of goodwill to work to frustrate the effort to steal the mandate of the Ekiti people, once again and subject the state to another needless colonization by people with ulterior motives, as we saw in the ill-fated Oni rulership of the state.

“While we do this clarion call, we re-state that if the Appeal Tribunal has gone the whole hog to do justice to Ekiti State case, the state would have been savoring in the same peace and general feeling of relief, which the people of Edo and Ondo are now relishing. There would not have been the desperate killings and insecurity the PDP, in their do-or-die resolve to steal the mandate of the Ekiti State, has now resorted to.

 “We however call that all those that visited these calamity against a peace loving state and her indigenes should be made to face the full wrath of law. We cannot continue in this state of impunity and if this is the case, the brains behind the Monday March 9th killing in Ekiti must be chained and brought to justice.”



Joe Igbokwe

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos AC

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