May 6th 2009, New York NY:  The Nigeria Democratic Liberty Forum (NDLF) is organizing a 1day symposium tagged "Nigeria Democracy Dialogue; Ten years of Democracy & The State of the Nation. The history of Nigeria is replete with efforts at governance that have failed to positively impact on the life of the citizenry. The Nation was placed under military siege and subjected to gross abuse of human and peoples rights for the most part of our post independence. This disastrous imposition, disregard for constitutional governance and the institutionalization of corruption by the military destroyed every fabric of the Nigerian life.

Ten years ago another attempt at democratic governance was initiated after the failure of the second republic and it is essential that we review this adventure viz a viz the state of the Nation. How have we fared under our democracy?

On May 29th 2009 at the JFK Double Tree (Hilton) Hotel, New York, 6-10pm we would have speakers from Nigeria, US & Canada and a host of participants to join us in a 'Democracy dialogue' . Guests Speakers include Col. Abubakar Dangiwa Umar (rtd), Mr. Dapo Olorunyomi, Mr. Laolu Akande, Dr. Anthony Olusanya, Dr. Baba Adam, Ms Janet Fashakin Esq.


1. The Nigerian Democracy; Progress Achieved, Missed Opportunities, Failures & Systemic Obstacles, Lessons learned, Future possibilities,  & The way to growth & development of the Nigerian State --- Col. Abubakar Umar(rtd)

2. Assessing the impact of Corruption & the government's corruption fighting agencies (EFCC, ICPC) efforts in achieving a people oriented democracy --- Mr. Dapo Olorunyomi, Head, Enterprise Desk, NEXT, former COS to Nuhu Ribadu

3. The role of the Nigerian press and the new media  in ensuring an accountable system of government --- Mr. Laolu Akande, CEO, Empowered Newswire

4. Assessing the Nigerian political parties, civil society, opinion leaders and an engaged public as critical components of a vibrant democracy ---  Dr. Anthony Olusanya, Assoc. Professor Queens University, Ontario, Canada

5. Restructuring of Nigeria & a Sovereign National Conference  as a foundation for a stable Nation?---Dr. Baba Adam, Chairman PRONACO USA.

6.The imperatives of an Electoral reform; A critique of the Electoral Act, Justice Uwais report on electoral reform & the government's white paper--- Ms Janet Fashakin Esq

 Mr. Olubukola Oreofe            
 Executive Director  

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