FIFA vice-president Jack Warner got a bad airplane scare in Nigeria last week Thursday.

Reports coming from the Nigerian authorities revealed that Warner, who was leading a 14-man FIFA delegation throughout the African nation, was in a small aircraft which experienced tremendous difficulty in mid-air on a flight to Abuja city.

Newspaper reports suggest that the flight encountered bad weather conditions and the pilot was unable to control the craft. Reports said that the plane was being tossed about for almost an hour in the air before the pilot was able to gain any control.

Air traffic controllers and officials from the Nigerian government were alerted to the situation and immediately ordered that the pilot reroute the flight to a safe landing area. After exploring several options, the flight was routed to Ilorin to land. Nigerian Officials from the Local Organising Committee who were on the flight say it was a terrifying experience.

After the three-hour ordeal, Warner, visibly shaken by the experience, praised the pilots and the Nigerian authorities for their quick action.

"We must thank the pilot and the Nigerian government for their quick action to ensure our safety but we must also be grateful to the mercies of God, without whom nothing is possible."

Warner went on say: "Despite this unfortunate incident, the trip inspection must continue."

Three hours later, the FIFA official led his team onto another aircraft for Abuja City.

Warner was in Nigeria conducting a ten-day inspection tour of the country to assess the African nation's ability to host the Youth World Cup later this year.

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