The national problem: May 29, 2009 marks a decade of the pseudo democratic experiment that military politicians and their right wing collaborators inflicted on the country and people, ten long years of native exploitation by right wing politicians. In the period, the characteristics that have been prominent are

•    A militarily imposed constitution that lacks zero input from the people of Nigeria
•    Dividends of democracy, to use their deceitful language, that reach only the few ruling cliques
•    Increasing pauperisation of the millions of ordinary and working Nigerians
•    Collapse of the national economy in an arrangement that favours only the ruling politicians, their cronies and foreign capitalists
•    Destruction of the social fabric of our society with depreciation in the quality of education, healthcare delivery
•    Continuing dwindling in the national access to energy that has fallen to an all time low level of 1,800 megawatts of electricity per day in a country that requires 30,000 megawatts per day to run the public utilities, factories, businesses, homes and provide for new productive economic installations
•    Persistent kleptocracy by the ruling politicians through a mad  rush by governors , legislators  and board members for self appropriation of chunks of the national resources which they call cake
•    Increasing number in the thousands on a sustained monthly rates of unemployment particularly among university graduates and other youthful men and women
In a word, there is no programme of social and economic development that is being implemented in Nigeria. The present PDP government is still busy setting up study panels even in areas of development that are listed in the advertised 7 point agenda. The state governments in control of AC, ANPP and APGA are not generally better.
The solution
Of course, there is a solution to this long standing problem of development in Nigeria. The answer is to reject the right wing political parties at the 2011 general elections. Nigerians will have the opportunity to elect the candidates of the Democratic Alternative to government. This country needs the DA government . It will
➢    Stop the pro capitalist privatisation programme and return the common wealth of Nigerians that the PDP under Obasanjo and Yar’Adua have put into private ownership thereby continuing the self seeking programmes of the military dictatorships of Babangida and Abacha
➢    Revalue the naira to markedly strengthen the little money in the pockets of workers
➢    Fix the national minimum wage at 45,000.00 naira at today’s rate from the first day of the DA in power, i.e. 29 May 2011
➢    Ensure continuous availability and supply of electricity to all the state capitals across the country in the first year in power and all over the country by 2016
➢    Provide full employment within two years of getting into power. The DA is to banish unemployment, a necessity for capitalist exploitation for ever from our country.
➢    Make education free and compulsory up to secondary stage and provide free tertiary as well as technological education for those who are willing and capable
➢    Ensure family owned accommodation is available to all Nigerians in ten years of DA government.
➢    Embark on a programme of rapid industrialisation and agricultural production in the country

This programme is realisable by severing the Nigerian economy from the tail spin of international capitalism and building our country by coordination of economic and productive activities among the working population in Nigeria. We will use our people to build our country. Nigerians should have no business with poverty. Only the right wing politicians are rich. It is our money. There has never been any country in history that is built by foreigners except to take over the country and destroy the owners. The DA will pursue a constitutional reconstruction of Nigeria such that a truly federal system is achieved among the federating units in the country. The federating units will control economic activities in their areas of constitutional authority and contribute to the federal centre for the maintenance of the sovereignty of our country. The DA is fully aware of the long standing practice of vote stealing that is characteristic of the right wing politicians. The members of the DA are prepared to defend the votes of the members and supporters of the party across Nigeria.
We therefore remind all workers, farmers, artisans, market women and the unemployed that the DA is the party to back and work with from now onwards towards the 2011 elections so that the life of our people will get better and better from 29 May 2011.
There is no democracy to celebrate in this battered country yet. Not this 29 May just as it has been in the past ten years of PDP kleptocracy. We must stop the kleptocracy on 29 May 2011 and create the environment for democracy. We will build democracy ourselves and not be duped any further by military politicians and their right wing collaborators.
For Democracy and Liberation

Dr Abayomi Ferreira
Democratic Alternative


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