On the 16th anniversary of the June 12, 1993 election, annulled by the ex-dictator, Ibrahim Babangida, the Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has said that Nigeria has lost the principal lessons of that annulled election. It therefore says that the only option left for the sinking Nigerian nation is to imbibe the central lessons of June 12 and re-awaken the spirit of that monumental national event that has an everlasting impact on the political development of the country.

 In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the AC, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC says that the gradual degeneration of the Nigerian state took a worsening dimension as the cabal of military brass hats and their civilian collaborators decided to annul an election that still remains a watershed in the conduct of elections in Nigeria. It therefore says that Nigeria would continue to get worse so long as we are being made to imbibe our worst ever values and suppress our noble values, as the annulment of the June 12 election portends.

 “When the infamous Babangida regime, playing to the tune of sectional interests, decided to annul the June 12 1993 elections, despite the huge welter of opportunity it offered us to break from our despicable past, it was obvious that the callous act would unchain a huge vessel of vices that will eat away the Nigerian nation. The parlous and sorry state of Nigeria today is proof that such prediction is happening sooner than we expected.

 “We are worried that since that criminal act that exerted tremendous costs on the country, things have taken a dangerous turn for the worse and Nigerians are today living in a practical hell forged by the same characters that prosecuted the annulment and the sustenance of that devilish act. We are worried that the same cabal that have manipulated themselves to power since the annulment have learnt nothing and are bent to learn nothing from the annulment and the fight against it, which led to the present democracy that has been horribly mismanaged to enrich the same cartel that procured the annulment while leaving Nigerians high and dry.

 “Today, we remember the martyrs and heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives in the process of fighting that act of criminality. Today we remember these national icons whose blood watered the seed of the dysfunctional democracy we have in place in Nigeria today. Today, we remember Chief MKO Abiola, the symbol of democracy in Nigeria, Mrs. Kudirat Abiola, the Amazon and heroine of democracy in Nigeria. We remember Chief Alfred Rewane, Chief Bola Ige, and many other martyrs who had been sacrificed by the callous vandals of power for democracy to take root in Nigeria. We remember the hundreds of thousands of Nigerians felled in the many pro-democracy marches that birthed the present mismanaged democracy. We assure them that the struggle to free Nigeria from the clutches of deadly and ultra corrupt power cartels will continue until Nigerians have their country to themselves.

 “We urge Nigerians to use the occasion of this year’s June 12 to reflect on the best possible ways of retrieving their country from the present crop of hustlers who will stop at nothing in destroying Nigeria for their selfish interests. We urge Nigerians to start fighting and working for a Nigeria that will not be a shame to her people in the comity of nations. We urge Nigerians to start to work for a country where no man is oppressed to replace the present predatory enclave where they have become collective targets for extinction by unscrupulous mongers that are out to satisfy their base interests.”



Publicity Secretary,

Lagos AC.

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