The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has condemned President Umaru Yar’Adua’s letter to the Lagos State government to revert to the former 20 local government councils within fourteen days as another way the underachieving president wants to divert attention from his woeful performance and the sordid state of Nigeria at present. The party advises Yar’Adua to direct the unnecessary attention he is wasting on a long-settled issue to the disastrous floundering of the ship of the Nigerian state under his watch.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the AC, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC says it is pleasantly surprised that President Yar’Adua still finds ample room to play very cheap politics when Nigeria is sinking and has become the butt of the ribaldry of the entire world under his incompetent watch. The party advices that he finds more room for his petty partisanship than dissipate energy on an issue that had been satisfactorily settled by the highest court in Nigeria because he would fail woefully in his new partisan adventure.

“While Nigeria has been plunged into the pith of darkness, while the roads have become permanent death traps, while armed robbery, kidnapping and sundry crimes assail Nigerian people without let, while our hospitals have converted to huge mortuaries, while our educational institutions have become wastelands, while hunger, want and despair afflict Nigerians like never before, while the poverty gloom encircles Nigeria at its worst state, while the Niger Delta has become an intractable enclave, while corruption and official stealing have become norms, while electoral fraud and chicanery have been promoted to state creeds, Yar’Adua still finds time to mischievously try to coerce Lagos into witling down its strength to appease his narrow and warped political interests. We find it annoying that while Nigerians groan under Yar’Adua’s clearly incompetent watch, he still finds enough space to embark on the mission of making a sophisticated state like Lagos his vassal enclave when the last PDP government of his predecessor sought in vain to do that impossible task.

“We are even surprised that in his desire to aid the corrupt and artificial growth of the PDP, Yar’Adua is not worried of the fact that Nigeria has been drastically dwindled by his directionless and incompetent leadership. We are worried that Yar’Adua and his PDP, in celebrating their emptiness and vanity are impervious to the scorn that Nigeria drew from its black-out by the recent visit of President Barack Obama to the Ghana and the strong tirade the American leadership launched on them in Ghana. We are worried that Yar’Adua and his rampaging party are busy nurturing their notorious penchant to cart away corrupt and fraudulent victories against Nigerians, as shown by his ill-advised letter to Lagos to revert to 20 local councils, a demand which is grossly an over-reach of his constitutional powers.

“Lagos AC believes that the cheap resort to tepid political maneuvers by President Yar’Adua is the reason why he had abandoned the ship of the Nigerian state under his watch to become a grand receiver of immoral and unprincipled political turncoats who illegally divert the mandates of their parties to the PDP. This naïve resort to cheap political manipulation is the reason why Yar’Adua has abandoned governance to lure cheap politicians to his PDP in his dream that Nigeria will become a one-party state under his watch. We assure him that that will be a pipe dream, together with his wild hallucination that he would browbeat Lagos to conform his cheap political interests and that of his PDP. He should have another thing coming.

“We are surprised that a Yar’Adua from whom Nigerians stridently demand a complete reform of the corrupt, smelly and acrid electoral process through which he emerged, has been playing games with that central demand but has rather been mischievously supporting the territorial wishes of his party men. We are galled that Yar’Adua is content with a selective manipulation of the laws of the land to favour his narrow political interests and his political party. Luckily the law is clear and very cadent on the issue of the Lagos councils and for Yar’Adua to dream he will successfully force Lagos to conform to his political desires and abandon the interests of Lagosians is a joke that will end in smokes, as it had so far.

 “We are not under any illusion of the intent of Yar’Adua and his PDP on Lagos and we assure them that Lagos remains that bastion that will certainly not be conquered by the neo-colonialist. Even as Yar’Adua would sustain the law that allows Kano, which realistically has less population than the old Alimosho Local council in Lagos to have 44 local councils and Lagos to have only 20 local councils, we want to let him know that he is embarking in a political exercise in futility and should better direct his attention to the simmering ship of state, which Nigeria has become under his perilous leadership.”

Joe Igbokwe.

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos AC.

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