The recent trip of the President, Umar Yar’Adua, to Brazil at a time some parts of the Nigeria was going through violence that has consumed thousands of lives is completely irresponsible and total mark of a national disgrace.
There was nothing compelling for the President not to have deferred that visit for the sake of national interest. About four days or more and in about four states or still more, some senseless members of a religious sect unleashed mayhem, killed and destroyed property worth billions of naira.

Again, many women and children have being displaced and traumatized, while fear gripped other states for possible violence spread.

I find it then very appalling and disappointing that our President, Commander-in-Chief, Father of the nation, can jet out while the country burns. In China, President Hu Jintao, cut short his trip to the last G-8 summit in Italy to rush home immediately he learnt of the violence in Xinjiang, a part of China.

In case, President Umar Yar’Adua, do not know, he is president to serve the people, and he confessed during his May 2007 inauguration, of being a servant-leader. He is first responsible to the welfare of every Nigerian at every moment of his stay in office. And, their security is paramount.

For him to have travelled and start giving directive from Brazil to the security chiefs is abdicating from his constitutional duties and a failure on his part. His party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, and National Assembly should sanction him for negligence and abandonment of duty.

President Yar’Adua, am sure will not travel outside Aso-Rock for any official engagement assuming Turai Yar’Adua or any of his children is seriously ill. If any member of his cabinet had fallen dead, would Yar’Adua still have made the trip? Governance is not a Childs play and this Yar’Adua must realize. There is a Nigerian proverb that says, no sensible man chases rats while the, house is up in flames. I hope this president has us (Nigerians) at heart. 

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