It is very shameful and disgusting that Abuja as Center of Unity has now been turned into an enclave of the prodigal VIPs, who admire nothing but staying in Abuja and enjoying the luxuries and paraphernalia of government power and positions.

These VIPs, most of them politicians, aspired and contested for offices which they could not hold in trust but embezzling tax payers’ monies and squandering them with reckless abandon, always shuttling between Abuja and Overseas forgetting that our Forefathers made so much sacrifices to develop the Country and improve its socio-economy. And instead of these contemporary VIPs build on and improve the lot of Citizenry, they elected to squander and plunder every thing, reverting the Country to minus zero level. The VIPs have nothing to show but flashy luxurious cars, mansions, complacency and making Abuja an enclave of the prodigals, rendezvous of the rogues, trysts of the paramours/pederasts.

It is disgusting to see that nothing, moral and ethnical, works in Nigeria. The educational sector has collapsed; healthcare services have been in shambles and became nothing but dieing centers. Towns and Cities have always remained in darkness of the graveyards but these complacent and deceitful VIPs are always roaming about in Abuja in bullet proof cruisers, or flying abroad on the pretext to woo investors or borrow ideas from those we don’t have and share common problems, common historical background and culture. This scenario epitomizes that we don’t have brainy people and patriotic leadership who can put things through for the development of the Country.

The utterances of the former Overseer of the federal Capital Territory on the BBC Hausa service betrayed the arrogance and complacency of those prodigal VIPs, who have been busy depraving and battening on the national treasury, transforming themselves into big men through people’s ordeals. Such VIPs are no worthy of credence but cursing and ridiculing as mere cockroaches, who always overindulge in shameless complacency, heterodox, noble savages, unfeeling and callousness of the filthiest swine, and such amoral behaviour wreaks the curse that has become the nation’s nemesis.

The VIPs pestilence and stinking sins of the flesh conflated our lot and plague, wherewith, people have been living without dependable supply of water, medicine, shelter, power and security. One thing the VIPs are good at are lying, plundering and concocted semantics, more especially now a reclusive, weak, slow, indecisive, ailing President is holding the cow they have been milking.   

Whether medical or academic Doctor, Modibbo could and would not transform Abuja as the workaholic, arrogant predecessor, el-Rufa’I did. And if Modibbo was whatever Doctor, he has woefully, like professor Jibril Aminu, failed because of lapse, complacency and flinch from the academic ethos, but if he was a medical Doctor, he was the types of those Doctors who in 1996 connived with Pfizer Pharmacia and tested their Trovan killer drugs on some 300 vulnerable guinea pig masses in Kano for just mere token bribe of $20M. The name; Modibbo sounds sanctimonious but the Minister swore at the common man living in Abuja. ‘Ba dolele Mutum ya zauna a Abuja. In Mutum ba zai iyaba ya tafi’ (sic) as relayed on BBC Hausa Service. Bravo Modibbo, you should have continued with your grandeur plans of digging Boulevards in Abuja.

The Governors and Local Government Chairmen always shuttling to Abuja mainly as a favourite haunt for passing their time. They don’t have the guts and the zeal to make their State and Areas look like another Abuja despite the unimaginable grant they get from the National Treasury. Shame on you, the shameless rogues. Yes, every responsible Citizen has every reason to be emotional with these shameless rogues called VIPs, who had aspired and contested for position of representations, got it and yet could not be truly representing the masses in terms of performance and easing the lot of the Citizens. They, the VIPs go about their own business within or outside the Country and leaving the Citizens wallowing in abject poverty and anguish depression of the sort that we even wished the Europeans were still here looking and overseeing our affairs in the Country. God knows, we would have, by now, been another Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, or Hong Kong.

Apart from the independence period, though ridden with ethical altruism and the pressure of raw nature, and that of the late General Murtala’s short-live utopian government, the Country has never witnessed respite from plunder and or any attempt to attain perfection ion moral rules of law, in politics, in the economy, culture, arts and technology. Many relatively self-serving sloganeering deceitful Commissions/Directorates/Campaigns like Jaji Declaration, Green Revolution, Ethical Revolution, WAI, MAMSER, ICPC, EFCC, Societal Reorientation (A Daid Ta Sahu) were established, but all of them could not be accepted as a good attempt at achieving moral values and economic development. They epitomized a crisis, rot, inadequacy, aberration and deprivation within the polity and governance and were just mere pretext of turning to the leadership’s opponents, or creating a sinecure avenue for friends and Countries to batten upon the economy; while the masses have always been sandwiched between impecuniosities and indigence. No vestiges of beginning, or prospect of an end. Looters the so called Leaders, when would they make life easy for the masses, when will wages be a living one for the workers to live above food, clothing, shelter and education needs; when will the social amenities/services be fully provided and available; when will the education be a social amenity not commercialized goods? It would be when the Citizens continue ridiculing and challenging the malefactor, sadistic VIPs. It would be when we continue to isolate and sanction them. It is when we brace up for uprooting these filthiest swine sort of leadership.

Yes, Cowboys don’t care what they do. Modibbo, like the overachiever, academic drop-out. Professor Jibril Aminu, who eventually debased himself to miniature, and many other bunch of clingy opportunistic politicians, who run with the Hare and hunt with the Hounds, have been glamouring in corruption, profligacy and clogging up the vulnerable, expendable masses from becoming. These opportunistic malefactor and sadistic politicians suffer not from a temporary psychological aberration but a brazen fixed delusion and megalomania of which only a strike from the sky will stop them. Yar’adua’s (servant-master) overbearing relationship with Obasanjo has become an albatross around his neck. Those in praise of the slow, weak, indecisive, reclusive and drawn leader are those who have been milking the cow the president holds for them. And now Abuja is given to another maladroit who is not fluent in everything except receiving and taking as a former custom officer. Next, he will marry the President’s daughter so that it will be their hereditary rights to rule.

I have a premonition of discovery/blackmailn that in the future political claptrap, some political opponents of those suspected pederastic politicians, will trace and persuade the catamited youths to indict the alpha pederastic male masters, just a replica of the former Vice Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim scenario/palaver. Modibbo drove out the poor, common man from Abuja because of his devious scheme for digging up Boulevards; making the Federal Capital more Exclusive Enclave for the prodigal VIPs, and he could not sensed that the albatross, like a sword of Damocles, hung around his thick set neck, and before you could say: Jack Robinson, he was given the sack/snap.
Long live the vulnerable Citizenry
Long live the disillusioned Nigerians
Down with plundering Cliques
Down with the forces of Inertia
Down with the overindulged leadership
Down with the cold hearted, sadistic, kleptomaniac and pederastic- genotypes, who kept an iron grip on the Country’s political Dialectics.

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