....... There can be no greater direct action than the seizing of control over our own lives by the vast majority of society. In that act lies the essence of revolution. - Phil Mitchinson. Let it be known to all an sundry that what we are witnessing in Nigeria now is the result of a well thought out plan by our ruling class and their stalwarts to systematically ruin the psyche of the common Nigerian just for them to be able to perpetuate themselves in power and hold on to the control joystick of the Nigerian craft.

Does an average Nigerian even know what the responsibilities are of a chosen government?   Do we get the accountabilities required of our chosen leaders?  Can we point out one thing that our government has done for us?  Needless to start reeling out these points, we can then surmise that a well orchestrated plan is being carried out against the Nigerian populace, a psychological warfare.

 This master-plan encompasses all specters of our society.  Religion, Politics, Economics and Social areas.

 Churches and mosques have been turned into elements of oppression.  Leaders of these institutions have been recruited to keep the populace at bay by advising and preaching to them that wealth only comes from God and if you as a common man don’t get it in this lifetime, socour awaits you in heaven.  We are kept constantly busy by these institutions with all their revivals, vigils, numerous services that we forget to even think by ourselves.  We in turn leave everything to the God Almighty as being told.  And who are the owners and sponsors of these institutions?  Our Elite class and front rows are always made available to them the few times they show up to assess their handiwork


Politics in turn is the prerogatives of a chosen few and we the rest will always be used as pawns in a chess game.  Thugs and vandals are the only positions left for us to scramble for and we should not forget to thank them for the loaf of bread and the MTN recharge cards that are distributed to us after hours of waiting in the queue on election days.  This reminds me of the one that said not long ago that he will announce the next governor of his state in due course, with regret because he would have preferred his son who has spent 2 terms to continue in office had the constitution permitted such.  This shows the esteem in which our elites hold us.  A peep into the earnings of some of their recruits (the national assembly senators) will show you the absurdity of this entity called Nigeria


Should we start talking about the wreckage of our ivory towers, while their wards are sent abroad to study?  How our universities have been destroyed so that the common man will have no chance of acquiring that knowledge that can set him free.  The least a private university charges per academic year is in the boundary of 500,000naira.


Nigerian banks are all owned by the same cabal.  As if stealing from the government is not enough for them, they are now duping the meager resources of the average Nigerian.  It is not as if they need the money because they have more than enough, it is just making sure that we do not live from hand to mouth.


All rolled into one, we are being psychologically destroyed and it is a deliberate action.   An average Nigerian on the street will tell you  - “....God help us” just the way he has been indoctrinated.


Jon Ross – [email protected]


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