The tragedy of the Nigerian question always tends to assume a more complex and catastrophic position when one dares to take a deeper look at the issues on hand. And now we weep because 49 years of corruption, greed, mismanagement and outright stupidity on the part of our leaders have brought our nation to its knees. The fact that the Nigerian state still theoretically exists on paper is a testament to how much we can take and how strong and persevering the Nigerian people are. What Nigeria has endured, many other completely failed states only saw half and disintegrated.

And now we weep because because the only examples of political leadership that our children have seen has been set by a click of roving criminals and senseless thugs. We weep because the culture of criminal impunity and economic and political corruption has been embedded into the core of our society and has become a significant part of our everyday life. Now we mourn because the figures that progressive Nigerian can find worthy of celebration are questionable characters in the likes are Nasir El ruffai and Nuhu Ribadu. The progressives have actually settled for the lesser of two evils and decided to overlook the overwhelming flaws of these characters and elevate them to unprecedented heights. We lack political heroes, we lack transparent individuals and for this we must weep. However, our lack and scarcity of transparent and progressive past and serving public office holders does not mean that they are completely absent from the complex Nigerian question.

Therefore, the "enough movement" of Nigeria will begin a long series of publications highlighting and celebrating otherwise overlooked transparent and progressive Nigerians. Nigerians who either lost or resigned their appointments in protest of evil and corrupt practices. Nigerians who stood up for right even when it was far from the popular opinion. The true progressive Nigerian heroes.

A review of the Nigerian question will undoubtedly fill your eyes with tears. The overwhelming tales of failure, regression and incompetence on every level. However while we weep and strategize for change and a better future, we must not overlook the true Nigerian heroes whose works, actions and sacrifices go unrecognized every single day.

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