The judiciary remains the last hope of the common man. This dictum remains the bedrock upon which any nation that believes in the rule of law and upholds to its principles, develops.

But some corrupt men and women at the corridors of power are bent on denying what the masses have yearned for so long, just for them to achieve their selfish and materialistic gain at the expense of the suffering 150 million Nigerians.

However effort by the embattled former chairman of the Nigerian Port Authority, NPA, Chief Bode George and five others to secure bail from the Ikeja High Court failed. When counsel to the convict, Chief Tunji Ayalanja and former Attorney General of the Federation chief Kanu Akanbi, brought a bail application on the grounds that his client is not medically fit to stay in prison. This prompt me to ask, what is wrong for a criminal like bode George who has enslave millions of Nigerians turning our children to prostitutes, and  armed robbers by stealing from our treasury for his personal gains to stay behind bars and pay the price for his sins?

But the courageous Judge, Justice Oyewole dismiss the application, stated that the application lacks sufficient material to prove that the convicts were suffering from illness. Whereas the truth remains that bodes loyalist and some top government officials and the PDP are skimming tirelessly to get the criminal out of the bars. Coming from a reliable source that justice Bode Rhodes Vivour, an appeal court Justice and a Lagosian, has been contracted by the PDP and top government official to execute their plan and get BG out of kirikiri prisons.

Prior before the judgment day, the executioner Justice Vivour has been pestering the Masses Judge Justice Oyewole not to convict Bode and co, but the judge played a fast one and delivered justice to the people.
In addition, Justice Bode Rhodes Vivour is among the appeal court judges that will pass the verdict on the post convict bail application brought forward by Bode’s council, a case slated for Thursday, November19, 2009. He has accelerated the application fixing it within   one week for hearing thereby abusing the appeal court preceding which stipulate that at least 3 to 6 months interval should be given to an application before attaining to it.

It is very worrisome that Nigeria has been turned to a country synonymous with corruption regardless of the anguish, pain, deprivation and clamors’ of people in and outside of the country. A lot has being proved about the evils of selfish and irresponsible attitude of Bode George who wakes up everyday thinking of what to steal from our treasury.

However I am of the strong conviction, that the Nigerian Judicial Council (NJC) should intervene and stop this shameless Judge, Justice Rhodes Vivour who is disguising himself in legal regalia to deceive Nigerians. By and large,   history will not prove event otherwise, the judiciary has not failed the people when it comes to matters of national polity and interest of the generality. It is based on this fact that we, the downtrodden, are looking forward for your timely intervention.

Tersoo a public affairs analyst writes from Jos.  

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