Fellow Nigerians: The time we all have been waiting for has come, the date for our mass rally in Abuja will be announced anytime soon, while we appeal to every Nigerians to come out in their numbers from all parts of the country, details of the rally will be made known to all through the media.

Furthermore all aliens (Lebanese, Indians and Pakistanis inclusive) that had defrauded the nation through tax or that has aided those corrupt politicians one way or the other as a front to steal our commonwealth should as a matter of urgency, start moving out of Nigeria now as they will not go unpunished as we have written officially to all embassies present in Nigeria regarding this issue.

Data of all corrupt leaders from 1979 to date has been completed and will be forwarded to all our state branches nationwide before the rally date is announced.

Nigeria is worth sacrificing our lives for as we do not have any other country to call our own.

Be part of this rally and together we will have that desired change we all dream of as Nigerians.

God is with us as we all prepare to match round the walls of Jericho (Aso Rock).

God bless Nigeria!!!

Nigeria Youths Movement

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