Death is surely the end of life circle, a point when a man departs from his mortal being unto a spiritual being (atleast so we are told). Today we are officially told Umaru Yar’adua is dead. As a human being I am it calls for sober reflection for all that has human heart.

It does not matter which group we belong to or the truths and lies we have been fed over the months. The most important thing is that finally we can say a Nigerian died. The moral and political lessons of Umaru Yar’adua’s sickness, treatment, and death go beyond the thinking or making of different group’s interests.

We have all followed the intrigues and counter-plays since all these dramas ensured, I guess everyone will be settled now and come together in the interest of the nation. Yar’adua is now dead, meaning he is no longer with us anymore, the Nigerian state must move forward from this point without all the distractions we have witnessed over the last 2yrs.

Now that President Jonathan Goodluck is substantive all attention should be focused therein. He at this point, requires all our physical and spiritual support as he paddles the ship of the state. This is not the time for unwarranted distractions either from the political elites or the citizens; we must all shield our swords of war at this stage and offer him all the support he need.

Some of us that stood up against the impunity orchestrated by the Cabal of the Yar’adua’s didn’t do so because we hated him or wished him ill-luck, we did what we thought was in the interest of the nation. As a nation cannot be governed with and by impunity, it is neither a victory at last nor a villain's retreat. All we wanted was for the rule of law to be respected by all and sundry.

President Jonathan, this time calls for greater courage, strong will and human heart. You have enjoyed considerable support from different parts of the nation and the world at large. You have no reason to fear anymore and no excuse to fail. What Nigeria needs now is unity, peace and progress. I have no atom of doubt you can be relied on to offer these to all Nigerians irrespective of our diverse political associations and beliefs. The ball is permanently in your court at least for now until our votes count in 2011.
We need urgent address of certain pressing matters of common good. Nigerians are tired and completely sick of the old order. Since by act of God's doings you are found in the position of authority, your main priority now is to offer credible leadership. Please I beg of you to concentrate on the job at hand.

Unnecessary overheating the polity should not be a factor to consider at this time, we now need more than ever a united positive font to move the nation forward. No matter what we think or feel, the progress of Nigeria is paramount, and in no way will any acts or omissions designed to bring about disunity and discombobulation be entertained.

For the Yar’adua family, your son, brother, uncle, father and husband is dead. The craft that brought about his death is not an issue we will be dealing with anymore, you have lost a member of your clan and we understand it can be a sad feeling. However there is no absolute right to endless life as no one is guaranteed to live forever. Yes the way and manner his health was dealt with suggest some people have ill desire towards him. I want to use this opportunity to say that school of thought is wrong since no one is sure of his/her own life, no sane person would want to wish the other dead. My bible tells me “it is God who giveth and taketh life at his pleasure”.
The Pro-Yar’adua and Pro-Jonathan camps can now dissolve and unite to become Pro-Nigeria. If we invest the amount of time and other resources we invested in this Yar’adua’s episode into issues that are of common benefit to Nigeria and Nigerians, I am sure we can agree progress will be made swiftly. The amount of money and passion invested to maintain the status quo, where unprecedented and envious. Nigeria requires such to become Eldorado.

The National Assembly will use this opportunity to sort out our 1999 constitution that added to the problem we faced. There is no need playing politics with the amendments as such will bear no good fruits. A nation can only survive if her laws are attended to without selfish or minority interests. The ongoing constitutional amendments should be finalised with consideration of the future.

At this stage I offer my condolences to the Yar’adua family for the immediate loss, also to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan whose boss just passed away and to the Nigerian people whose President died.
May God not allow such a thing happen to us again. Amen
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Charles Jiduwah
[email protected]

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