Ladies/Gentlemen we have been here before, a replay of the same old drama (selfishness vs greediness). Each time there is a need to fill political vacancies; you will notice some minority groups and interests display their ignorance and foolishness in the open.
Sad part is that these vultures mean nothing other than evil for the nation. They assemble to see that the nation does not head to anywhere progress can be seen. These people are know by me as “Nigeria Locust” any nation that has these kind of people does not progress, because 10 steps backward is a step forward where they are gathered.

Nigeria Locust is made up of opportunist, stakeholders, elders, elder-statesmen, Party Chieftains, Inner Caucus, Kitchen cabinets, power-brokers, Power-Givers Partymen/women, Governors forum, etc. President Jonathan must be careful of these characters as they represent everything wrong with Nigeria. The interest of the nation takes backstage in their thoughts, to confirm this we heard and read how some of them are already pushing for who will become Vice President and who will not. 

What does the constitution say?
The President’s power to nominate the Vice President is not in doubt and that power he must exercise this with wisdom, if anyone is not clear about the President’s power of nomination, then that person should quickly grab the faulty 1999 constitution and read section 146 (3). What Nigeria needs now is less politics and more work, action is all we need to move the nation forward. So Mr President must be very wise in choosing who he nominates to be his deputy. The ideal person for the office is a man/woman that totally understands the time we are in now, that person must be “Y2K” compliant, (a person of this century). Our Vice President will not be a proud self-glorified empty vessel, the position of the vice president is to compliment the works of Mr President.

It is a known fact that our damaged 1999 constitution did not assign a clearly defined work scope for the office of Vice President besides the very vague almost do nothing job specification. A friend once said the office of Vice President/Deputy governor is a “boy-boy” position, although I don’t share my friend’s view but I will not try to disagree with him either. President Jonathan has a chance to make sure his deputy becomes not just the type of Vee Pee we have come to know in Nigeria, but a very productive deputy. Vice President should not be waiting for instructions first or relegated to ceremonial duties like we saw during Goodluck Jonathan’s time.

One of the good things about this administration is that the President has been there, seen it and done it all. From Deputy Governor he became the Governor and from Vice President, now is the Commander in Chief. He is in better position to offer a better leadership and direction in this administration; this is why I will not bother reminding him the need to nominate someone who is above all loyal to the sovereign (the people).
Politics must be pushed into the lake of burning fire if President Jonathan wants to succeed in this short administration, the success of his administration lies with the person who becomes his deputy. Let us not for a second mistake the clear facts that whoever becomes the Vice President will want his input to be felt within their remaining time, President Jonathan owes it to this generation and the ones after him to get this appointment right.

Bad Precedents of yesterdays
We saw how Deputy Governors and their bosses fought open in the market square over who has the biggest supporters and who does not. Whilst it will be good to equate 50% of their difference to political immaturity, I will also state that the other reason is, the group (Nigeria Locust) as listed above are responsible for this “all love lost” battle. When you force two people who do not have the same zeal and commitment to run a state, you are asking for troubles. It is like marrying a jealous man and a socialite woman together under one roof, it will take more than maturity to make them understand the need to bury their different lives and agree to work in the interest of the children and environment.

President Jonathan Goodluck just before you Submit that name.
Tell those political whatever they call themselves to free you, you are the one who is going to be wearing the shoes, the success and failure of your administration is your headache. Nobody remembers the Vice President when they are grading administrations performance. The only time we ever remembered our Vice President was during Gen Buhari and Gen Idiagbon’s time in office, the success of that regime was much credited to Gen Idiagbon whose zeal and commitment aligned with that of Gen Buhari. They achieve all they did because they had passion for the job. Like them or love them, history always remember the regime positively for installing sanity one way or the other.

Mr President should concentrate his energies into nominating someone who will work with him with sincerity of his heart. The person must be someone will have respect for the President, I will not expect President Jonathan to appoint a person who already feels he/she is larger than life. I will recommend a younger Vice President at least there is something about age in Africa traditions that will first bring in some respect into the union. An older second in commander may most likely feel he is too old to be told what to do, we have seen this before amongst the D-Gov’s.
For the benefit of this article let me cite some examples of a situation we must not allow to replay this time.

The Atiku/Obansonjo’s (Example)
President Jonathan must be aware of the problems that arose during the days of President Obasanjo and Vice President Atiku Abubakar, the shameful display of arrogance, pride, disrespect, ego, immaturity that we all experience in the last 4yrs of that administration should not be a thing we want to repeat. Nigeria was almost grounded to a hurt because someone was not ready to do what was right in the interest of the nation. The blame for that mess is deposited at the door post of the duo. Am not taking sides in this my point is President Jonathan should be mindful of that drama.

The Yar’Adua/Jonathan (Example)
Luckily the villain is the President today, the experience you gained during your days as Vice President should be valuable tool in your hands. Now you are in a better of choosing who becomes your deputy, are you going to treat the person the way you were treated by Yar’adua? This is one question you can answer at the click of fingers. It will be noted that those days were most humiliating days for both you and the nation. However the nation arose in your defence, and we defeated the cabal.

Bola Tinubu/Kofo Akerele-Bucknor and Femi Pedro (Example)
We yet again saw what happened during time of Governor Tinubu and Madam Kofo then later Bola Tinubu and Femi pedro when they were D-Govs and the circumstances that led to their departures.  Politics has a way of creating unnecessary tension in the polity. My people say pride goes before a fall. I want you to learn something from this example, if you cannot remember the details ask someone to furnish you with the complete information of what happened and who didn’t do what.

Oriji Uzor Kalu/ Enyinnaya Abaribe (Example)
Mr President closer to you in Abia State was a case you may be familiar with. This is the case of former Governor Kalu and his deputy Enyinnaya Abaribe. We all witnessed the power play, display of arrogance and injustice that took place during their time. I will suggest you get first hand information on this example. The facts of this case will better guide you to choose someone you can work with.

Obong Victor Attah and Christopher Ekpenyong (Example)

When the going was good they held on like friends, then something happened that brought an end to their romance. We saw bitter war between them, the way and manner the issues was resolved is a thing you have to look deeper into. I am sure a lesson awaits you there.

My final Conclusions
I believe I have gone back in time to cite some cases where the boss and deputy had problem all because of political immaturities, sycophancies, bad advisers and imposition of candidates. In the above examples it will important to note that whilst the political war was fought by the actors the state and the people suffered untold hardship, you don’t have the time for these distractions.

This is why you must be very clear who your deputy will be. Nigerians are in urgent need for positive change, another friend nick-named it “overnight transformation” the urgency of now is the language your deputy must understand. We have young dynamic, well educated and patriotic Nigerians from across the north if that is where you are limiting your search.

You must not allow the “Nigeria Locust” I mentioned above impose their own Vice President on you, you must understand that if you choose wrongly you will have yourself to blame in the end. Nigerians are not ready to take excuses for any political showmanship or tug of war that may arise due to wrong choice of deputy, you must reject these groups and their selfish agenda which only serves minority interest.

If you cannot find a suitable candidate to work with from the north, I suggest you damm the consequence and look south. Our constitution did not say we must have North and South President/Vice President. Since we started this tribal politics it has not put food on our tables neither has it brought lights in our homes, nor equipped our hospitals. When push comes to shove, we do things that will be in our nation’s interest. History will remember those who did uncommon things in uncommon circumstance.

I hope and pray you are guided by the one whose wisdom surpasses other wisdoms as you sincerely search for Vice President. Goodluck!

May God Bless Nigeria

Charles Jiduwah
[email protected]

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