Death is a stage where every thing suddenly comes to an end. A biological death indicates that all vital organs have stopped to function.
Now to put this matter into perspective, is Nigeria a dead state?
A dissection of all the organs points to the fact that a dead certificate must be procured and funeral directors invited for the final rites.
Likened to a biological organism, all the organs of our nation have stopped functioning. A look at our hospitals, schools, roads, power, security, economy and other basic infrastructures is an indicator for the state of this nation.

What if our nation is dead? It is possible for resurrection but that will happen if her people are alive with fully functioning organs. A living organism soon will develop adaptation to resist predation.
No doubt our nation is under severe predation by murderers, monstrous and corrupt leadership whose stronghold on our nation is unchallenged. No wonder the baton has been passed to their children to continue the oppression and suppression.
Are Nigerian people dead like their nation?

The late Reverend Martin Luther King once said “You are dead when you are silent about things that affect you”.

Are we a Dead nation and Dead people?

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