Folks: I have been telling myself confidentially that Nigeria's President, Goodluck Jonathan has absolutely no suspicion regarding what is required to turn things around in Nigeria. At best, he is functioning like a school principal.
He may have gotten involved in politics primarily for the influence and 'goodies' that comes along with it. I must be fair to him, 99.9999 percent of the rest exactly got involved for the same damn reason.

Since he assumed office, he has not shown any radical leadership qualities expected of a good leader in the swamp called Nigeria. He regularly shuts his ministers out of meetings when they are late and I know a few headmasters and secondary school principals who do the same. Big f’’’king deal?

Residing about 15 thousand miles away, I knew that the Eagles were not close to being ready for the world soccer cup fiesta. I was also well sensitive to the fact we had very little in terms of talent to work with.

Why is President Jonathan playing to the gallery by banning a team he had dinner with and 'instructed' to win the world cup? Is he angry that they did not listen to his orders or even respected the fact that 64 Senators and more than a third of the Governors went to cheer the team to massive failures in South Africa?

The gargantuan task of reviving Nigeria appears too daunting and beyond the body language and pronouncements that I have seen and/or heard from Jonathan. The mere fact that he contemplated attending the London jamboree now being chaired by Bukuola Saraki automatically qualifies him as comical.

Jonathan is uninspiring and if he wants to impress me, he should ban all the political parties, PDP first, convene a national constitutional conference and get the hell out of the way. If he truly wants to impress me, he should ‘fish out’ the killers of Chief Bola Ige and all others for that matter who were slaughtered in cold blood.

The Eagles’ performance as woeful as it was is still a better record compared to Jonathan’s and his late boss, UMYA. The Eagles managed to secure a tie with Korea in their last match. Jonathan’s success rate is still zero percent.

 I have a feeling with OBJ in his corner that this Jonathan is playing games with ALL of us.

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