President Obama: PART I-Imposing visa-bans on corrupt African leaders and government officials engaged in the perpetual and unabated rip-off of untold billions of dollars from their nations annually is an excellent start to your revised African policy. And what do they do with the loot ? They park it in offshore accounts or in accounts and investments in the EU. USA, Dubai, South Africa ...
I trust that you will be guided by the fact that these characters are monsters and parasites. They and their families live in opulent luxury at home and abroad while the Nigerian populace is denied even the most basic level of health-care, education, law and order, justice, potable water, sanitation, roads, power ...

I am not suggesting that American policy is going to fix Africa. Far from it. Africans have to do it themselves and we will. However, the USA today has an opportunity to situate itself firmly on the right side of history.

President Obama. I urge you to act speedily and decisively against the vultures and psychopaths who have turned Africa into a wasteland. Please act to deny them safe-harbor and undeserved comforts in the USA and likewise other territories allied with the USA. Please act now to begin recovering all fraudulently obtained monies & assets in the possession of these psychopaths. And please act now to secure a renewed, vital and lasting bond between the USA and Africa .

PART II: There is perhaps no better example of the Nigerian ruling party's (PDP) contempt and disdain for the populace than Olagunsoye Oyinlola, current governor of Osun State. In seven years as governor, Oyinlola has taken Osun into total collapse. No one can account for how the states revenue is spent and in the last year or so he has introduced the extra-ordinary practice of paying state-workers and funding phantom projects out of massive high-interest loans secured from local banks in the name of Osun State.

Moreover, Oyinlola is widely acknowledged for his total lack of political tolerance. Members and supporters of the political opposition as well as ordinary citizens are routinely targeted for harassment and assassination. Scores of citizens have died at the hands of Oyinlola's death-squads and many more have had to flee the state for fear of their lives. Oyinlola's death squads and gestapo comprise violent operatives drawn from his political party, local police units (namely the notorious SARS & Eagle commands), and an assortment of criminals & bandits.

Mr President, to underscore the nature of the beast we have as governor in Osun, heres a quote from him that very accurately captures his disposition towards Osun's political opposition, pro-democracy and civil-society advocacy groups : “Ti ekolo ba n se bi ejo, ipa ejo na ni won ma npa” -– “Whenever a ground-worm behaves like a snake, it will be killed like its a snake”

Oyinlola is one of the primary beneficiaries of the 2003 and 2007 sham elections, both massively rigged under the supervision of then serving president Olusegun Obasanjo and his spectacularly fraudulent national electoral chairman Maurice Iwu. Oyinlola's record in Osun is best characterized by its unprecedented repressiveness and whole-scale devastation of all that is dear to the people of Osun. Hence its no surprise that the people of Osun yearn for nothing more than the day Oyinlola's reign-of-terror has come to an end so they can begin rebuilding their once vibrant communities.

However, it may or may not have come to your attention that Olagunsoye Oyinlola has been spending an increasing amount of time in the USA over the last few years. Having ravaged, looted and destroyed Osun State, it appears he no longer wants to live there. He has virtually abandoned his post in utter dereliction of his duties as state governor.

President Obama, there are four million people in Osun today who would like to know why Olagunsoye Oyinlola gets to freely visit and reside in the USA after having callously denied his own people the very same rights, freedoms and aspirations that are the foundation of your democracy.

Oye Obe


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