I have watched some of the initiatives of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration with keen interest and scepticism.

Some of the initiatives worthy of note include the sacking of the former INEC chairman, radical effort towards power generation in Nigeria and like his predecessors, strong utterances to fight corruption and inefficiency in government.

To the optimists, there may be a glimmer of hope around the horizon; however, recent events are pointers to a bleak future.

The truth of the matter is that we cannot make any progress with the ruling party –PDP- as it is presently constituted from the wards, Local Governments, senatorial zones, states and national levels. This is made far worse with the absence of credible opposition in the country.

There is definitely no hope with a party that has ruled for twelve years with nothing to show for it. Worse still, parading themselves with arrogance oblivious of the dissatisfaction of Nigerians. From East to West, North to South all I see in this party are murderers, criminals, fraudsters, looters, paedophiles and corrupt men and women with no integrity or conscience. No doubt change will be elusive as long as this monstrous party is still in government.

The recent Imo state local government election which took place last weekend was a litmus case. The governor appointed his relative as the state INEC commissioner and there was no PDP primaries .The candidates were selected at Concorde hotel, Owerri by Governor Ikedi Ohakim. And of all the 36 Local Government Areas in the state PDP won in all. I am still baffled how a party that has achieved nothing for twelve years would have a landslide victory, if not by rigging and manipulation. Interestingly, one of the seats was won by Chief Arthur Nzeribe’s wife.

So there is no way change can come with PDP. The problem is not President Goodluck Jonathan, for he may have good intentions. However it will be impossible for him to emerge president in the next elections without compromises which will stifle his good intentions. There are far too many unscrupulous persons in PDP to allow genuine and credible interest to emerge. I am sure these names ring  warning bells , the Babangidas, Nzeribes, Anenihs, Obasanjos, Sarakis, Atikus, Daniels, Rotimis, Udenwas, Ohakims, Kalus,  the list goes on and on.


We must join hands together to form a formidable opposition that will throw these kidnappers out of government. If we fail to do that, and PDP gets back to power, I am afraid I see no changes.






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