Police Extortion RoadBlock Kills 30 In Lagos

 Tragedy In Lagos As Police Extortion RoadBlock Turns Deadly For Motorists And Commutters, Over 30 Dead!

 These multiple accidents happened after the Nigerian police set up a roadblock that led to the total closure of one lane as they extort motorists on the Lagos -Ibadan Expressway, forcing several motorists to use a narrow side left open. There was heavy traffic build up as a result of police roadblock (they used their van to block one lane while they force other road users to contend for passage on the one lane left) around Otedola Estate Junction on the Lagos- Ibadan Expressway by Berger. Then the worst happened, the brakes of a fully loaded heavy trailer-truck failed and ran over multiples cars and buses. People were trapped in the wreckage crying for help to come out as they were being gutted by a huge fire.

As soon as the accident happened the policemen dismantled their "roadblock" and ran away while the multiple fires from 15 vehicles caught up in the maze killed several commuters.

 A belated rescue by the poorly equipped firefighters saved a few lives.

Photos by Seun Ogunniyi, a Citizen Reporter



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