I have just returned from a trip to our fatherland. It was a special trip because I managed to travel across the nation by road.

The trip took me to places like Ibadan, Enugu, Owerri, Kano, Abuja , Lokoja and Lagos. Everywhere I went, I saw people living in abject poverty, total neglect with no basic infrastructure. The state schools with collapsed buildings have given way to private schools housed in private homes,garages, and sometimes in uncompleted buildings.

In those places, in the silence of the night, all I heard were children crying of hunger and fighting with diseases that often result in their death since health care is non-existent. 

How can we all be blind to their predicament? How can we sit down in our comfort zone and pretend that all would be well and watch our children suffer untold hardship in the midst of plenty?

Sometimes I sit down and wonder, the kind of human beings that live in Nigeria. These people must be the lowest of the lots, otherwise how can so many people (over 150 million) keep quiet at the atrocities of a few.

Time after time, imposters in the form of leaders have come and gone. Each time the heap of mess they leave behind get bigger and bigger. These people surely must be monsters who abhor civilised way of life. Hence no level of civilised approach will make any sense to these looters and oppressors. Everyday their grip gets stronger as we sit and watch like helpless people. What a shame?

Again they have begun the same game which they always use to legitimise their perpetual grip to power in the name of election. 

Please let us not kid ourselves, how can any credible election take place as things are? What good can come of it, if the likes of the Obasanjos, Annenihs, Babangidas, Sarakis and their cohorts still call the shots?

If you are an optimist, please tell me how a credible election can take place. For example, in Imo State, the incumbent governor recently organised a sham LGA elections in which PDP candidates that he handpicked won all the chairmen and councillorship positions. His strategy is simple, to return to power using those imbeciles he picked as LGA chairmen. So there is no way any credible challenge can come legitimately in that state. The story is the same across the country.

Fellow compatriots, the time has come to change tactics and come out of our comfort zone to resist this people or else there will be nothing left to salvage in the country. A day of inactivity on our side is problems compounded. It is easier to destroy than to build, therefore the more we allow these people to destroy, the greater the work that will be left to do when they are eventually chased out. 

A stitch in time saves nine. We must begin to resist with all our might. No doubt history will remember favourably those who make sacrifices for the good of their people.

The story of Ghana is a familiar one. It required a certain J.J Rawlings to cleanse the rot that once littered Ghanian politics. It required commitment, sacrifice, hardwork and honesty to fellow citizens.

He liberated Ghana from militarism, misgovernance, economic paralysis, hunger and perpetual doom when he publicly executed the likes of Gen. Afriffa, Gen. Akuffo, Gen. Acheampong and all those who plunged Ghana into untold hardship.

Today Ghana is prosperous and no wonder Nigerians now find her a safe haven to reside and educate their children.

Our nation seek men and women to save us from irredeemable collapse.

Will the true Nigerian hero, please stand up.

Eddy Odunze





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