Daniel Kanu, the man behind the one million man march campaign organised in support of the presidential ambition of  the late Nigeria’s military dictator, General Sanni Abacha, is  leading the campaign team of President Goodluck Jonathan to the United States.

A report on the Voice of America this morning indicated that Kanu’s campaign team which is  already in the United States will hold series of talks with Nigerian pro-democracy groups  and other eminent individuals in the Diaspora with a view to convince them to support  Jonathan’s 2011 presidential ambition.
Kanu is campaignig for Jonathan under the group he called Fresh Air in Nigeria Coalition.

He is the national secretary of the group.

Kanu said the pro Jonathan group “believes there should be fresh ideas, fresh attitudes and  new ways of solving the nation’s problems because the youths are tired of corruption and the  plundering of the country’s wealth by few powerful individuals.”

The group, according to him will campaign across the states of the US.
“I am here to drum up support for the Goodluck Jonathan presidency 2011 in the United  States. We just appointed our U.S. leadership here in Dallas, Texas, and our national  leadership,” Kanu told VOA.

“Nigerians in the Diaspora have a lot to gain in a Jonathan administration,” says Kanu.

The Abacha million man march leader told the foreign radio station that Nigeria at present  needs generational change in its leadership represented by Jonathan.

“We believe that Nigeria has come of age. We believe that Jonathan is poised to transform  Nigeria. His policies in the past, his loyalty, [his] patriotic stance make him a great  candidate for Nigeria at this very moment..”

“We believe in grassroots campaign and we believe every Nigerian should be able to vote and  their vote should count…. We want to convince Nigerians here to come home to vote, we want  them to convince their family members in Nigeria that Jonathan is the best candidate for the  nation.”

—Olokun Ayorinde/Abuja

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