“Irate Nigerian Man Rains Punches On Obasanjo At Lagos Airport.“   The news  had a ring of  a volcanic eruption, a little scare bomb blast, that  only jostled  and ruffled one of the ignoble Untouchables  in our society, responsible for the demise of our great country.

  PEOPLE`S JUSTICE! Finally, Nigerians are waking up!  They are finally realising that one can no longer continue to pray and fast for those, who have literally ruined their lives.This irate man is a  real Nigerian hero! He represents the 150 millions, who have been downtrodden for so long, for too long!

He represents all the little babies, who die of starvation, because their poorly nourished mothers can not produce the breast milk needed to feed them. He represents all the millions of poor children, who hawk petty wares on our dangerous streets for a livelihood, instead of going to school to learn, like their peers in other parts of the world. He represents all the people, who die daily on our innavigable roads or else give up their ghosts  in the houses of death called hospitals.

He represents the teeming number of badly educated graduates, who have to resort to crime to eke out a meagre living. He represents all the generations of Nigerians, who have been dehumanized, debased, reduced to sub-humans living in the Stone Age! He represents all the frustrated people, who have been given a raw, unfair deal, who have been aggrieved, with no chance for redress or justice in a court of law!

Yes, he stands for all the creative, patriotic Nigerians, who have been shortchanged and deprived of the opportunity to salvage their country! This angry man is speaking for all the millions of Nigerians in the Diaspora, who were forced to leave their beloved families and friends behind, in search of the golden fleece.
He represents all the Nigerians at home, who don´t have access to the basic amenities of life, who can not even afford a meal a day! In the 21st. century!

This angry man has made a bold statement: WE ARE NOT AS DOCILE AS YOU THINK! This man took a big risk for all of us, a risk most of us are not willing to take! He could have been easily shot! Yet he took that risk!

And that´s exactly the message! WE NEED TO TAKE THAT RISK, if things are ever to improve! Even if we have to die in the process, at least, those coming after us, will find a better world to live in.

Just as this hero represents us, so does Obasanjo represent everything that is wrong with this country. OBJ represents the Babangidas, the Gusaus, Danjumas, David Marks, Atikus, even if he was better on the mediocrity scale! These crooks are on the other side of the divide! And this irate Black man is telling us to take that necessary risk to get rid of all these nauseating criminals, who have ruined the lives of so many Nigerians and brought disgrace to Black people all over the world!

For this historical action, the man deserves a laurel!  Not the kind, given to all those thieves and thugs, who are decorated for looting our treasury!  What he deserves is a lasting monument  from us, the people. He might just be the spark, necessary to ignite the  fire, that will consume all our sadistic tormentors! 

We should not leave him alone to his fate. He would probably be tortured or even killed, if we don´t intervene. He did it for us! He is a real Nigerian hero, who should be emulated by all of us, the impoverished and denigrated people of Nigeria. Enough is enough!

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