The speculation making the rounds that Dora Akunyili is resigning her post as Information minister from Jonathan Goodluck’s regime has reawakened old déjà vu that surrounded eleventh hour of torpedoing late President Yar’Adua’s regime. She calculated that that regime was falling down like the Berlin Wall. Dora blew the whistle and finito, the regime went under asunder.

The end of Jonathan’s regime! Dora is now a kind of omen or oracle in the Nigeria political space. That, whether she’s blowing whistle on any government in Nigeria or wanting out, that administration is doomed beyond repair, haven raced itself to a daunting point of no return. I wish to replace the old wisecrack ‘pride goeth before the fall’ with Dora goeth before the fall of any government she serves.  The Information minister is a government killer or murderer: her ousting any government she once served or putting a spell on that administration is the signifier effect that that administration is in a funeral mood waiting the undertake to say it bygones to the hereafter.

Jonathan’s regime is on its last lifeline of life-support – as such, clever pundits and politicians should be wake-keeping and eulogising it ahead of May 29, 2011. Most of the eulogies would read ‘Jonathan’s regime aided Farida Waziri’s EFCC to aid corrupt.’ Others would cashier him for mishandling the Siemens and Halliburton trials with the culprits booming about town. More would lampoon him for lying all the way via the 50 thousand dollars given to the Tunde Bakare SNG people; denying telling American envoy that he did not say he’d not candidate 2011 presidency. ‘That was a regime that packed the greatest delegate to any function abroad’ some would mourn after May 2011.

If the speculation about quitting this infamous regime is rife, that’d mean that Dora has seen the handwriting on the wall and prepared her personal eulogy ahead of time. She has some kind of prescience to know that a government has hit the rock big time and could no longer survive itself further. She knew the days of the administration of late President Yar’Adua was numbered and she made bold headline in Nigeria then to that effect. And the rest is now history as they say.

She’s not just blowing the whistle this time around, she is screaming, that unique among the reasons she’s slamming the door on this regime is that; Jonathan pressman Ima Niboro aka ‘Deri’ has taken over her job. When a bunch of lowlife human scum, pimps, prostitutes, playboys and playgirls were unleashed upon a population of over 150 million citizens in 2007 by the usurper from Ota, the fatal end of that union would be an open book for mass prediction. Who’d not have thought that the end is nigh in the offing for such pre-emptive scheming of one-man dictatorship in a supposed democracy?

Only those who are leaving in denial or have gone delusional spiritual: that Gods appoint or elect leaders in a voting democracy, are the ones who haven’t got the message yet that Jonathan’s regime is already sinking sand. Every sensible upright thinking politician should be evacuating this capsizing wreck of statecraft before in finally sinks on May 29, 2011.

Those who were too corrupt or greedy to leave the late Yar’Adua’s regime when the obviation was loud enough, are today, in minority as most are running from pillar to post aimed at evading justice and the people’s rage.  I hear from CNN that former AGF Mike Aondokaa is now in Indian and wouldn’t answer his phone to comment on the Wiki-Leak-Pfizer corruption scandal upon him.

History, no doubt, will batter those who’re bracing the odds supporting Jonathan Goodluck when they’re suppose to speak out condemning him or better still, resigning from his regime as Dora is set to do. The Obviation in this regime is now lowest that all self-respecting people should take a bow out.

The bunch of people who are marketing extant president not because he’s marketable or a stand-up man – but for their self-seeking aggrandisements, would rue their actions when this regime is dead and buried by popular votes in 2011. They should just follow Dora’s footsteps even though belated before PDP come crumbling on them like the Titanic. Suchlike Jonathan’s regime that’s corruption-happy and sleaze-gathering isn’t what Nigerians look forward to, in the aftermath of 2010. Old things, as the Bible says, shall pass away.

Woe betide anyone who pretends not to see the sky-high spendthrift of this regime which in turn churns the corruption that’s choking the hell out of our total existence and commonwealth. I say shame to those who go home to have a good night sleep knowing that Jonathan Goodluck is aiding corruption in the EFCC.

Everyone should applaud Dora not minding whether she’s hustling for her future political survival. My crystal ball tells me that the Information minister, Dora Akunyili, is preparing herself to serve in the next Buhari government come 2011. She once visited Buhari some time this year. We’re fed up with corruption in higher places and institutionalised ideology that manufactures untouchable political sacred cows. An equalitarian government where everyone carries their cross and faces the music when they derail is the hope for Nigeria.

Sunday Njokede writes from The European Union

[email protected]



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