The above was the title of an advertisement placed by President Jonathan. It ran in (almost) all the dailies of 6/12/10. He was requesting every citizen to support him by donating to his cause towards becoming PDP’s presidential flag-bearer; as he is not yet a candidate.

Recently N450million was raised for him by Corporate Nigeria. Again he has been extravagant donating our commonwealth to groups that pay him courtesy calls; for instance, the ‘transport’ fares of US$50,000 to Save Nigeria Group.

Jonathan’s request to us was that we should send text that would cost N100 each and/or pay unspecified amounts to given Bank Accounts with Sterling Bank, Access Bank, First Bank, Zenith Bank, Skye Bank and Eco Bank.

He shamelessly asked Nigerians (as if all of us are PDP faithful) to do this knowing the poverty level that has degenerated to a point that most Nigerians want to have guns to shoot all the pen-looters in this country? Does he also know that our future leaders (children) and pregnant mothers are dying due lack of medical attention because of lack of drugs and long strikes in various hospitals?  Does he know that the common man cannot afford two square meals not to talk about three anymore?  He is aware that there is no electricity power to help artisans; he promised to focus on, repair and stabilize power but failed so far. Does he not know that Nigeria’s infrastructures are down? He has (contrary to expectations), with his recent unbanning of textile and other funny materials, put Nigerian economy and unemployment in further degeneration.

His request to Nigerians signifies that he is trying to eat from the already impoverished people. Is he asking them to take to crimes - kidnapping, stealing, do rituals, etc to please him?  Under normal circumstance it is the masses that should advertise for such donation for a man they believe would do well for them; it is not the man that should initiate such. President Jonathan’s action portrays one that does not have plans and conscience and whoever advised him to put such advertisement does not wish him well; Nigerians are no fools.

Eno Samuel, Oron Road, UYO, Akwa Ibom State
[email protected]


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