God does listen to prayers after all. The implosion of the PDP is nothing short of divine answer to our collective prayers. When we made supplications to God to destroy the enemies of Nigeria, read the PDP, God answered with the implosion of the PDP.

Never in the history of Nigeria have we witnessed or read about a party of parasites and maggots, apologies to Nuhu Ribadu. A party that stole its way into power and have since held the majority captive. ,
As if that is not bad enough, we have been threatened with incredible violence by Abubakar Atiku if we do not allow him to rape Nigeria for another 4 years in his born to rule mentality. This man has forgotten that the  PDP is not the only political party in Nigeria. He has taken it for granted that the PDP rigging machine will deliver unearned victory to the party in 2011. He is obviously in a panic mode and he issued an irresponsible threat against the corporate entity called Nigeria and majority of its citizens who loathe the PDP.
Rather than withdraw his reckless statement, he ignorantly compared it to the speech of the revered American president John F Kennedy. Granted that this man, ATIKU has limited education, would it not be better if his handlers prevent his from making such dishonest and disingenuous comparison. My suggestion is that he should take a crash course in American history, particularly the era of JFK to prevent future gaffe.
One question for Atiku and that is ARE YOU THREATNING NIGERIA? His statement on the inevitability of violence if he does not have his way is tantamount to issuing a threat to the peace and stability of Nigeria. That act of verbal recklessness does not portray him as altruistic; it does not portray him as someone who aspires to the presidency for good reasons. It portrays him as a man who is lacking in ideas and focus. Let Atiku know that no one is afraid of war or violence or whatever he has up his sleeves. Both Atiku and his cohorts who are threatening to CANCEL Nigeria may just live to regret their actions and thoughts.  In the words of Wiston Churchill, a “statesman who yields to war…is no longer the master of policy but the slave of uncontrollable events”.
The PDP is a lie, it is a fraud and that is why violence is conceived by its members against innocent Nigerians. In the words of Isaac Asimov, “ violence can only be conceived by a  lie and the lie can be maintained by violence” The threats issued by Atiku is a sign of desperation as to the spectacular failure awaiting the PDP in the 2011 elections. Frankly, the Turaki’s mind is clearly trapped in the 1960s, a period when that useless cliché of “TO KEEP NIGERIA ONE IS A TASK THAT MUST BE DONE “ was taken as the Magna Carta by the majority. We have seen and grown wiser ever since.
Nigerians will defend their votes with their lives and their blood in 2011. No one will allow the PDP to rail road itself into power through fraud and violence in the next elections. Nigerians are clearly fed up with the excesses of the PDP. To attempt to catalogue the injustice these people have committed against Nigerians might take a life time. We will not waste our time doing so, but we will prevent,  by all means possible the return of these scoundrels into power. Never in the history of Nigeria have we been so impoverished and abused by a tiny clique. Never in the history of the world has a tiny majority of indolent, people who call themselves law makers appropriated  25 percent of the Nation’s annual budget for itself while majority live on less than one dollar a day.
Rather than Atiku issuing threats against these robbers in the National Assembly, he chose to threaten the peace of the innocent majority. Turaki, war is wretched and in the words of an unknown author,” war is the tool of small minded scoundrels who worship the death of others at the altar of their greed”. It is your greed for easy, unmerited money that made you issue threat against Nigeria.
As if that is not bad enough, you made an uneducated comparison to the current crisis in Ivory Coast. May be a little history will help you, even while it is better to leave the Ivorians to settle their internal problems amicably. However, I will not be able to resist telling you that Alassane Quattra was once a citizen of BURKINA FASO. He carried that country’s passport until the late 1980s. Indeed, he was the representative of Burkina Faso to either the United nations or the World Bank. Then I was in the Foreign office, and sat at a meeting with him while he represented Burkina Faso!  He earned the citizenship of Ivory Coast due to his chummy relationship with Papa Houphet Boigny, the strong man of Ivory Coast who felt he could award his country to a favourite son across the border. Reminds me of the naivety of Obasanjo over Bakassi.
Ivory Coast had a porous border and most of its cocoa farms were  managed by immigrant workers some of whom were Quatarra’s parents. You will be surprised the number of Nigerians in the same position as Quattara. Such as those who trace their lineage to Mali!  Of course, let us hope the Turaki is aware that that was the original basis of the disqualification of Quattara from the presidency until the French arm twisted the people of Ivory Coast into accepting him as one of their own. He is a good boy to the French colonial masters who still see French West Africa as an extension of Paris.  Reminds me of all the immigrants like Saminu Turaki who have dual citizenship and yet became governors in Nigeria. That is why they have no compassion or commitment to Nigeria’s well being.
If for any reason the Turaki feel his constituency in the Army will stage a coup successfully, then he better think again. The coup may just consume him too. This is not the 1960s when the Army struck and tilted governance to favour one part of the country. This time around, they will meet with very fierce resistance. He needs to remember that Fidel Castro defeated the armies of Batista with a determined rag tag force and the help of the civil populace. The Sandinistas defeated the army of Nicaragua through the Peoples’ militia. Nigerians chased out the evil genius, whatever that means through determined civil disobedience. We will defeat whoever you are preparing the grounds for in the event that Nigeria is not awarded to you for plundering.
We hope you will recant and apologize to the majority of Nigerians who have no business with the useless zoning arrangement in the PDP. You should say something like:  I ADMIT I GAFFED. I ADMIT I AM SUFFERING FROM APPRECIATION DEFICIT DISORDER. I HAVE SINNED AND SHOWN GREAT INGRATITUDE TO A COUNTRY THAT MADE ME FROM A MERE CIVIL SERVANT IN THE CUSTOMS AND EXCISE DEPARTMENT TO A MULTI MILLIONAIRE THROUGH QUESTIONABLE WEALTH. I DO NOT HAVE LEADERSHIP QUALITIES AND WILL NOT BE SO RECKLESS IN MY THOUGHTS AND IN MY SPEECH AGAIN. I APOLOGIZE FOR PUTTING MY FOOT IN MY MOUTH. Nigerians may just forgive you then. In the interim, no one is afraid of your proposed violence. Violence is not exclusive to any part of the country. Please tell your supporters in the CANUS or whatever they call themselves that they are mere hypocrites who do not know what they want.
Meanwhile, we shall intensify our prayers, our supplications to God  that the PDP should indeed cancel itself. Do I hear a chorus of Amen?

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