“Prayer, with quotation from the Holy Quran” My Muslim brothers and sisters, indeed we carried out the attack in the town of Suldaniyya which is normally called plateau or what some call Jos.

We are responsible for the attack.

If you don’t know us, we are Jama’atu ahlus sunnah lid da’awati wal jihad which was falsely labeled Boko Haram, and we did this because our Creator has ordered us to wage war on everyone who does not embrace the religion of Islam after preaching to them.

And (another) one of the reasons why we are doing this in this country is because of the way we are being killed in this country. Through evil machinations, plans are orchestrated to achieve desired goals (against us) and we are continuously being killed, just as the Arabs say “what the eye sees is better than a story that is told” (chanting in Arabic).

Everyone knows how our muslim brothers and sisters were massacred in different towns in this country; Lagos state has witnessed it, so has Ibadan, the town called Zangon Kataf in Kaduna has also witnessed it, Bauchi has witnessed it and so has the town Suldaniyya known as Plateau or Jos, where we have carried out our attack been a witness to the killings of our muslim brothers and even the abduction of our muslim sisters and children whose locations are not known uptil now. It has also happened in Kano state at Sabon gari area.

These happenings including what we have not even witnessed or heard of, only God knows their magnitude (and) God shall Judge (in these matters) on the Day of Judgement. These are some of the reasons why we are waging this war because God has ordered us to go to war when our brothers and sisters are killed, and now we are even denied our rights to practice our religion. God knows best.

This is the message I want to pass to people, and finally I want to tell the Muslims in this country and the whole world that they need to know this is a war between Muslims and non-muslims. So where ever you are, you should be weary; this is not a tribal war, nor is it similar to the wars of the pre-islamic era, it is not a war for financial gains, it is solely a religious war. We did not start this war so it would end in one week, or one month or one year.

Only when we are completely annihilated and nobody chooses to continue with our struggle maybe that could be the end. Or (we establish a system where) religion has the final say or religion determines everything, that will be the end of this war. And definitely this war will not end just because we are visibly present anywhere because it was God that said “quotation from the Holy Quran”.

This is a war between muslims and non-muslims. We are ready for anyone willing to face us, whether it’s a group of people or even the government because we know who supports us, God the Creator of the universe, praise be to God.

Therefore we are warning every muslim who believes in the religion of islam that he should never help a non-muslim in this war. If he helps any non-muslim and in so doing, a fellow muslim suffers due to that, he should know that he is a dead person. “Praying in Arabic”

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