The 20-year-old is charged in shooting death of a close friend.

Nicky Van Exel, son of former NBA player and current coaching staff member for the Atlanta Hawks Nick Van Exel, is charged with capital murder in the death of Bradley Bassey Eyo, according to CNN.

Eyo’s body was discovered on Sunday, it was dumped near Lake Ray Hubbard with an apparent gunshot wound to the upper body.  The shooting is believed to have occurred in the Dallas suburb Garland where both live.

                 Nicky Van Exel

According to Eyo’s father Van Exel told police that the shooting was accidental and he dumped the body in a state of panic and shock.  Van Exel and his lawyer said the shooting was the result of horseplay with a shotgun they did not believe was loaded.

Police said they considered the case closely before determining it a capital offense; the deciding factors were the dumping of the body and missing property.  The missing property consisted of a cell phone and shoes.

Van Exel was arrested Wednesday and released on a $25,000 bond.

Source CNN

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