Vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Namadi Sambo failed to show up at the presidential debate between the major vice –presidential candidates in the April general elections.

The debate was scheduled to hold between Sambo of the PDP, Tunde Bakare of the Congress for Progressive Change, John Odigie-Oyegun of the All Nigeria Peoples Party and Mr. Fola Adeola of the Action Congress of Nigeria.

However, the PDP representative absconded from the debate while the three others went ahead with the debate even as they condemned Sambo’s absence.

"PDP's absence is arrogance of impunity" said Bakare. He added that Nigerians will not tolerate those with arrogance of incumbency and culture of impunity any longer.”

Members of the audience were also disappointed that Sambo did not attend the debate as one of them in a chat with the Nigeria Politics Online wondered if President Goodluck Jonathan will toe the footstep of his vice by not showing up for the presidential debate scheduled for next week.

“I hope Jonathan will not also disregard us like this man (Sambo) has done. I don’t know why they are afraid of debates.”

Adeola said the PDP could not absolve itself completely from the recent airplane accident he suffered in Bauchi since it was the ruling party.

Bakare said the PDP government style shows they see themselves as rulers and not servant leaders.

 "They see themselves as rulers and not as servant leaders. I am not at all offended by PDP's campaign fanfare. PDP is having a farewell party across Nigeria." He said.

Meanwhile, the CPC through the official Buhari fan page has declared its vice – presidential candidate, Tunde Bakare the winner of the debate.

It arrived at the conclusion after Bakare’s closing statement.

“In conclusion, Pastor Bakare declared, ‘Gen. Buhari has a proven track record of saying and doing. That's why he's called 'Mai Gaskiya' - Man of Integrity’
“The VP debate is all over...WE WON!” The CPC concluded.


The Nuhu Ribadu campaign organization says it suspects that the reason given for the inability of Nigerians to see the vice presidential debate  live may be less than truthful. The debate,  organized by NN24, was not aired live allegedly because of satellite problems.

The campaign organization’s Director, Media and Communications, Ibrahim Modibbo, said they suspect the ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party, pressured the TV station not to air the programme, because their vice presidential candidate, Mohammad Namadi  Sambo, refused to attend.

“All the major parties were invited and we all turned up, except for  PDP’s,” Moddibbo said. “They won’t come because they can’t defend their position to Nigerians and  don’t even have a plan for moving forward. That is why , we suspect , they (PDP) put tremendous pressure on NN24 so much, that they couldn’t air the live debate.

“It is unfortunate that the ruling party is using state funds and institutions to intimidate the opposition and media organizations. What are they afraid of? Why won’t they come on air and tell Nigerians what they have to offer apart from good luck?”

He further added that he would be disappointed in NN24 if his suspicion is ever confirmed. He said journalism is for the fearless and no organization should give in to financial or government pressure, no matter what.

“However, hope is not lost,” he continued. “Since the opportunity of a live broadcast is lost, we demand that an unedited video of the debate be aired. We know that our Vice presidential candidate, Fola Adeola, outshone the others like a billion stars and it would be great  injustice to deny Nigerians a chance to see their next VP in action. NN24 must correct their error by showing this debate. Nigerians must be allowed to make their choices based on antecedents, plans and strategy, not on sentiments or religious bigotry. They must see that we deserve far better  than the poisoned chalice the PDP is offering them.”

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