Quoting the spokesmen for AC, CPC and ANPP, they stated that “The PDP has a record of shunning every Presidential debate since 1999. We are highly suspicious of the celebrated romance with the BON debate” If I am not mistaken BON has been organizing presidential debates since 1999, if they had no problems with the debates in 1999, 2003 and 2007, why is it they are suspicions of BON now?

From the foregoing it is pertinent to ask if the trio will also shun the election since Jega was appointed by the president. While not holding brief for Jonathan, it is important that we the electorate are not deceived. When you accuse someone of misbehaving it is expected that your conduct should be above board. The decision by these parties to shun the BON debate puts them on the same level with the president who shunned the first debate. I am concerned about the type of hate campaigns going on. Vilifying the PDP for every problem in Nigeria is malicious, myopic and unethical when Nigerians know that the same politicians who are destroying Nigeria can be likened to harlots who prostitute from one party to another.

The recent situation in Akwa’ Ibom State is a classic example of a known PDP member who decamped to AC, carrying along his destructive character to fight with cousins in the PDP!  What of the case of Atiku who left PDP to contest the 2007 election on the platform of AC? Was Obasanjo not vilified by the AC and Nigerians in 2007? Was it not the same Atiku who abused Obansanjo that went back to pay homage in his Otta farm? What about Ribadu that previously accused Tinubu of corruption? Is it not on record that Ribadu denied he made such a statement when records prove he actually did? What about Buhari? Is he perfect? We all know of his relationship with Abacha and his statements in support of the most brutal despot Nigeria ever had. Did he Buhari not overthrow a democratically elected government? How would Nigerians feel if the Military overthrow the present government?

From the foregoing it is evident that Nigerians really need to wake up from their slumber. The opposition has failed Nigerians. They are not articulate, strategically competent and honest enough to liberate Nigerians. The same tactics they have been using that has failed them is what they are still using today. Elections are not won using media warfare. While the consortium of corrupt politicians are busy strategizing how to rig or enter religious and ethnic alliances the so called lazy opposition are using the media to abuse themselves like 10 year old kids. An opposition that cannot collapse their personal interest into one solid whole is not fit to speak on behalf of Nigerians. The opposition is a band of rag tag politicians without focus.

Having said that, I believe the best option is for Nigerians to vote personalities and not political parties since they are all the same. We have to look for personalities that can listen to them when they cry out in anguish. Personally I believe the most dangerous breed of humans is those who do the same thing they accuse others of. As a Christian, my lord and master commanded that I love all men, all men no matter where they are from. Nigeria is one great nation under God. God bless Nigeria.

Michael Opubo
Lagos Nigeria

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