“The PDP remains an agglomeration of interest groups formed around persons of prominence and power which are loosely tied together by a desire to remain in office and maintain access to the “national cake” or resources of the state”, Ms. Piascik -234NEXT

Brooklyn, NY: I am presently not into politics, neither am I apolitical. At this moment when Nigeria stands at a pivotal point in history, I will like to contribute my thoughts and views as we head for the polls to elect the next set of leaders that will plunge my country of birth further into darkness or bring her out of the abyss of backwardness and darkness.

My initial intention was not to say anything but I woke up this morning and I wonder what I will tell my daughter if she happens to ask why I didn’t say anything when I know I can say something that will make a difference at least to one person.

I am writing this to clear anything that might soil my conscience and to have something on file to tell my daughter if she asks me about this historic time.

 I often wonder why it is difficult for an evolutionary brain to grasp a simple concept such as: if you spend more than you make, you will be broke and live in poverty; if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you will keep getting the same outcome and many more.

My attempt here is not be to tell you what to think but to ask you to think. I know most people will rather stay with the status quo than opt to think but at least for the sake of your children, take time to think about the future of Nigeria if PDP continues in power.

To elect a party with the same economic philosophy that has dragged us further away from a promise of better days is tantamount to doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This situation, my friends, is called Insanity

The fundamental economic philosophy of PDP is similar to, though far worse than the brutally discredited Republican philosophy in America; the country I emigrated to, like many other fortunate or unfortunate Nigerians because PDP won’t let us pursue our full measure of happiness and realize our ultimate potential.

 The PDP philosophy suggests that you put the resources of the land in the hands of the privileged few and hope that it will trickle down. We all know it doesn’t trickle down. They just build more houses, have more wives and keep some money in the banks around the world for generations of their children yet unborn.

 I really don’t care who PDP presents to the nation, even if he is Jesus Christ, who I think is the most impressive personality of all time. He might be right for the job but his platform is wrong.

Buhari and Bakare have my endorsement for the following reasons:

 • The existing refineries came to being under Buhari's leadership

 • Despite 12 years of PDP control, the road construction that was done while Buhari was in PTF (Petroleum Trust Fund) has not being matched

• When he was the Head of State inflation was reduced from 23% to 4%

• What we need more than anything at this point is a leader who can block the holes in the national treasury and hold every elective office accountable to the public fund. With people like Bola Tinubu around Nuhu Ribadu, I don’t think we can achieve that under him.

 • Character and Integrity are more important than any economic prowess AT THIS POINT. If a candidate has all the beautiful economic know-how, but he is surrounded with corrupt politicians. He will probably use the same economic knowledge to empty the already depleted  national treasury with the counsels of his god fathers.

• If it is true that Pastor Adeboye, one of the respectable Nigeria supported the ticket as claimed by Pastor Tunde Bakare. I can’t think of a better ticket. Not that his support guarantees good governance but it adds to the credibility of the ticket… Just a little.

 • Nigeria attained the highest level of discipline under his leadership when he introduced War Against Indiscipline. Though some of the tactics used were questionable. However, due to our long history of indiscipline, we need a leader who will inspire us and push us to do what is needed to make us a pride in the committee of nations.

 "Managing public funds is serious business". Buhari was fond of telling contractors during his PTF days on visit to sites: “If you perform well, you get a handshake. If you perform badly, you get a handcuff”.

The quote at the beginning of this thought is part of the submissions of Charge d’ affaires of the US embassy in Nigeria, Lisa Piascik. You can read the rest here(http://234next.com/csp/cms/sites/Next/Home/5684470-146/story.csp).
 PDP will sink that country. Consider yourself warned!

This is my personal opinion and it is not binding on any soul. I can’t even vote. I am locked away in the cold weather of Brooklyn by the PDP.


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