It is not enough to pass off rehashed stories as authentic news. While we commend Mr Julius Ogunro for his write up on the perceived multi personality of General Buhari(rtd), we also concede to him the right to hold his own opinions. It is part of democracy which we indeed hold dear in this organization. That is where it ends though.

We all have the right to our opinions, we do not however, have the right to interpretation of facts that will affect history. .

We do not have any apologies for our religion. We will not beg, deny or renounce Islam no matter what. While we appreciate and respect the practioners of other religion, we will not in any way be ashamed of ours. Islam has nothing to do with the crisis Nigeria is facing. Ethno ethnic war, disturbances or restiveness is not peculiar to Nigeria alone. It is a global problem which all peace loving people pray will end sooner than later. Is General Buhari an Islamic bigot? ABSOLUTELY NOT. WILL HE TURN TAIL AND RUN TO PLEASE PEOPLE LIKE MR. OGUNRO? THE EMPHATIC ANSWER IS NO. WILL HE ISLAMIZE NIGERIA? ABSOLUTELY NOT. IS HE ASHAMED TO BE A MOSLEM? NOT IN THIS WORLD. He has made all efforts to allay the fears of Christians in Nigeria and he will continue to do so for as long as possible. Indeed, just as we have Islamic zealots, I suppose Mr Ogunro will also concede to the fact that CHRISTIAN TALIBANS ABOUND IN SEVERAL CHURCHES. Invariably, religious zealots are not exclusive to Islam. They were there two thousand years ago. Saul the zealot as we read in the Acts of the Apostles is a good exampple.

The issue of the 53 suitcases has been addressed. But for clarity purposes, we will restate this fact. Those suitcases did not belong to the Emir alone. They were for a returning ambassador, and his large family of 3 wives and 15 children! 53 suitcases for a family of 19 returning after several years at post is not uncommon. The General had no business with those suitcases and if Turaki Abubakar Atiku wants to be honest, he will confirm that then Head of  State, Mohammadu Buhari had nothing to do with the suitcases and he has nothing to hide.

Drug trafficking, human trafficking, child trafficking, insecurity, non existent health and education system, restiveness in the Niger Delta, kidnapping which has taken over Eastern Nigeria, youth unemployment, grand scale theft of our resources by the PDP government, off shore presidency which we witnessed under the PDP, reckless ambition of the Nigerian version of Marie Antoinette Turai, cluelessness of the Jonathan govt, our shrinking external reserve even while the price of crude oil is sky high,  domestic terrorism traceable to the MEND in the Niger Delta and the Boko haram in the North should be some of the issues  on our front burner at this period. not petty and rehashed stories which Mr. Ogunro wants to sell to us. Mistakes were made during the military era and such is not exclusive to the General. His zeal to arrest the crumbling entity called Nigeria in the 1980s may have led to some commission of errors, but that does grant any one the right to demonize him as Mr.Ogunro and others attempted to do.

It is not enough to condemn the incarceration of then VP Ekueme, but it may surprise you that security reports at that time showed incredible vile petitions agaist Dr Ekweme. Those reports were of Eastern Nigeria origin!  While we welcome constructive criticism  from any source, but we  will not roll over and die to please rumor mongers and hate propagandists. We encourage Mr Ogunro to join the team that will bring positive change to Nigeria.

Folake Lebi
Buhar/Bakare Team

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