It is easy to over-look the Tribune story of April 5, 2011 “Shadows of Interim Government” as just a harmless one. But that would be a great mistake. That story was all the identities of a sponsored item.

Truth is that Mr. Taiwo Adisa, one of those who shared the by-line for the story, has for long been on a mission for the government. I have had reasons to phone him at least three times to press on him the need to change from his ways of dressing up lies as truth in the service of the Villa, and write credible stories because the reader puts his trust in him. If I am challenged, I can point out some of such stories he wrote in the past.

His stories, just like the one under consideration brim with sources upon sources that said and said and said - all speculation and nothing else; all lies spruced up as facts.

I have personally blamed Prof. Jega for his failures - because we have to hold individuals responsible for their actions. Yet....

Yet, from the Tribune story, the obvious deduction of anyone who can read between the lines is that the ground is being prepared not really forJega's ouster, but for him to become malleable and to bring him under a party's control.. Simply put; Jega is being shaken up; a psychological warfare is being directed against him.

Another object of that story is that if in future Jega does not dance to a given party's tunes, he may be accused of sundry crimes and be flung aside.

This is why Nigerians should make it clear and plain to those on whose behalf Tribune wrote that non-story, that enough is enough. They should not toy with Nigeria's destiny. Tension is very high everywhere. All that needs be done to reduce the tension is to hold free and fair elections and respect the May 29 handover date. Nothing should be done to make a major party reject the result of any segment of the elections ....or we may reap the dire consequences. There have been tension in the land within the past three years, but it never rose as high as it did since last Saturday.

There is a second deduction to be made from that story; that it could be true that the failure in bringing in the materials needed for last Saturday’s election could have been the result of a planned sabotage as the story made it seem. If so, it could be that those doing the accusation could be the real culprits. So, in sponsoring that story, they are preparing the minds of Nigerians for a greater calamity, while at the same time, accusing innocent parties of the crimes they never committed. The aim could actually be to have the handover date shifted to October, and now, they are engaging in deception, misinformation and disinformation.

I know some persons would think it impossible to shift the handover date from May to October; but the ease with which the National Constitution has been amended recently shows that it could be done a third time and at the snap of some fingers. Moreover, the National Assemblies and the State Assemblies members, many of whom did not win their parties’ nominations to contest this year’s elections, will cherish the golden opportunity of having a five-month extension.

This is the time to sound the warning loud and clear; Nigerians yearn for an election and a handover to a new administration in May this year and not October or even June. Anything less is unacceptable to Nigerians. To seek for anything else is to invite trouble – and Nigeria has gone through too much crises already.

Tony Eluemunor

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