Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why Goodluck Jonathan was made vice-president? Even in the midst of governors in the south south that have performed better and are more capable, such as Donald Duke of Cross River state. Some of you may say it is divine. I would attribute it to less dramatic circumstances, although no less intriguing.

Well, I believe Goodluck Jonathan is part of a grand scheme by General Olusegun Obasnjo to keep a hold on power after his failed third term bid. For Obasanjo, Goodluck Jonathan was the next best thing to getting a third term.
General Obasanjo has proved himself to be a master tactician, a grand schemer, a mastermind, and evil genius and in this scheme even he surpassed himself. When it became apparent that the General’s third term bid was bound to fail he immediately began to strategize on how to keep a hold on power. He then concocted a scheme in which he would present Alhaji Umaru Yar’adua, from the North as his successor, in accordance with the PDP zoning policy. And through some very strange circumstances the North accepted Yar’adua [personally, I think Obasanjo did it as a joke – don’t forget the General has a very good sense of humor …….ke! ke! ke! -and couldn’t believe his luck when the north accepted Yar’adua.] You see, Alhaji Yar’adua was a very sickly man with a serious live threatening ailment, and I don’t mean to sound callous or unfeeling, but after I saw Yar’adua on television and found out about his ailment from reports in the media I told those around me who cared to listen that this man wouldn’t last more than 2 years and a lot of them agreed with me, especially after it was widely reported that Alhaji Yar’adua, then a presidential aspirant had collapsed during a presidential campaign and was dead .Thus , prompting the famous telephone conversation between Obasnjo and Yar’adua-……”Umaru are you alive …..”, on national television.
When Yar’adua was anointed to become the next president, a search for the vice-presidency was initiated. In accordance with the PDP policy of rotation the vice-presidency was zoned to the South-south. Naturally, the PDP governors in the South-south were to be the ones to produce the vice-president. Thus, the governors that were eligible to be picked as vice-president were –Peter Odili of Rivers state, Obong Victor Attah of Akwa ibom State, Lucky Igbinedion of Edo state, James Ibori of Delta state, Donald Duke of Cross River state and Goodluck Jonathan of Baileys state.
If the vice – presidential candidate was selected based on merit, that is, performance in their respective states then Donald Duke should have been the man based on his performance in Cross River state .In fact, of all the governors in the 1999-2006 class Donald Duke was one of the stand out governors {although, if truth be told, most of the governors of the 99-06 era were so mediocre that it wasn’t such a big deal to stand out amongst them}, in my opinion he even performed better than Yar’adua in Katsina, who spent a good deal of his 8 year tenure in the hospital bed. When it came down to choosing who would deputize for Yar’adua Peter Odili was discounted because he was perceived as being overly ambitious, difficult to control, and too cunning for his own good, he was also one of the most corrupt governors of that particular dispensation. Odili wouldn’t do.  

James Ibori was another greedy and corrupt, not much different from his peers, and there was a controversy surrounding him about his being an ex-convict. No, Ibori wouldn’t do.

   In the case of Lucky Igbinedion, on top of being corrupt and greedy he was totally incompetent and completely inept. In fact, of all the governors of the 99-06 class - and most of them were very bad –Lucky took the cake, and that’s saying something. No! Lucky Igbinedion would not do.
      Obong Victor Attah in my own opinion was not as greedy and corrupt as the three aforementioned governors but he was quite ambitious and would not be so easy to control. The General needed somebody more malleable. Victor Attah would not do.

     Donald Duke on the other hand, was a governor who had fresh ideas and probably the least corrupt of the above mentioned governors [lets face it, in my opinion, there was no governor in the 99- 06 class that was free of corruption in one form or the other], Donald Duke was as good as they came. Part of his achievement was transforming Cross River state into the number one tourist destination in Nigeria and bringing a free trade zone- Tinapa-to the state to boost the economy. In my own opinion-shared by many, this was the best candidate for the vice- presidency. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. You see, Duke’s achievements singled him out as someone who would not be easily controlled or manipulated. Plus the man was quite a looker and an eloquent orator, all the things Y’aradua was not. This man would make the president look bad. No, Donald Duke wouldn’t do.

     Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was the only governor then-till present-that was not elected as governor, as a deputy- governor he was handed the governorship of Bayelsa state on a platter of gold after Alamieyeseigha was impeached on corruption charges. Goodluck Jonathan was not a very ambitious man-as the then PDP chairman Ogbulafor said once upon a time- he was an unassuming man who got to his position through sheer luck as his name implies. He was a man who not only could be manipulated but also was willing to be so used. In short, Jonathan was tailor fit for the General’s diabolical scheme. 
                        And so the stage was set with all the players on set, the sickly Yar’adua as PDP presidential candidate and the – shall we say – unambitious and unassuming Goodluck as his running mate and of course, the puppet master General Olusegun Obasanjo. The rest, as they say, is history. The Yar’adua/Jonathan combination won the presidential elections, albeit in what was regarded as one of the worst elections ever conducted, not just in the history of Nigeria but also in the history of democracy. General Obasanjo remained at the background patiently bidding his time waiting for nature to take its course.  As anticipated President Yar’adua died in office paving way for Jonathan to become president and also for Jonathan to be the presidential candidate for the PDP in the 2011 elections.                                                                                                                                                               

Nigerians have watched Jonathan’s meteoric rise to the pinnacle of political power from humble beginnings with fascination - a true grass to grace story- and have romanticized his story, believing Goodluck Jonathan’s rise to power was divine especially coupled with the fact that his first name is Goodluck. I am telling Nigerians that I am of the opinion that Goodluck Jonathan’s rise to power is not divine but an unholy scheme concocted by General Olusegun Obasanjo to perpetuate himself in power. 

What Nigerians need now from her leaders is not good luck but somebody who is determined, dedicated, fiercely patriotic, and courageous. A person who can think outside the box. We need a leader who is his own man and only accountable to the Nigerian people.  In short, we need a revolutionist and all these things Goodluck, in my opinion is not.

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